Friday, September 14, 2018

Fun in Oregon with Grandma and Grandpa!

Time for the boys' annual trip to Oregon!  This year my mom took all mine together because Parker and I were going to Bryce Canyon.  Their cousins Livi, Mason, and Luke went also.  Six kids ages 6 to 14!  My parents are amazing!  My dad drove down to Utah Sunday, then turned around Monday morning and drove them all back...


Since I wasn't even ON the trip I asked the boys to do the blog for me this time!  Here's Josh's part...

We sat down at sonic next to the firemen and Luke wanted a sticker so when the firemen left Luke was too scared to ask so grandpa asked for him and they not only gave us stickers but a tour of the fire truck.

We then stopped at the park to play and had loads of fun

First day we went to the dead lands which is where the lava was from the volcano and that was fun and lots of places to climb on.

Then we went to the reptile store and held lizards,and snakes and was fun and always wanted to go back there

next stop lava tubes which is always a fun thing we do and all enjoyed

for dinner we went to mod pizza which is super good and we all loved our food lots.

my favorite snake and the only snake i held and he is a cutie
we all loved this snake
And surprisingly i lost a tooth which was my 11th tooth
then stopped at the pool and sprayground

then we went to the park and saw someone get arrested which made lukes day
getting up the next day and watching tv
Hey Tyce here now! The park was super fun! What are we doing? Laying down as the zipline passes right over our heads!
Fun on the swing! Especially this one you go so high!
Once again a lazy morning watching T.V..
Breakfast the best meal of the day! Funnest meal too!
Going fishing! So fun was that  I caught 2 fish and was not sad to release them. Holding the fish you catch is the funnest part!

There were also HUGE bullfrogs there probaly the biggest I've ever seen! We even saw a snake eating one!
Night swimming everyones favorite thing!
Just hiked the butte! To everyone it seemed lot easier then they thought.
Sometimes we had fun being weird too!
A little hungry after swimming.
Back in the pool again!
Here's  our rock tower! Biggest one yet on the top of the butte! But were not done yet!
Still working...............
Here it is taller than Luke!
Here we are golfing!That was so much fun!

Root beer floats for everyone! (Except me I don't like ice cream)
Just rented these cool bikes!It was so much fun! Sadly Luke was too small.
Money from the tooth fairy!  2 dollars! What a surprise for Luke and Josh!
Here's us on the cool bikes we rented it was so fun!

Leaving to go to the airport.
Here we are at the airport not happy to leave.

Jackson's favorite memory: "no bake cookies and the "hide the cards" game and night swimming"
Josh's favorite memory: "being able to just go swimming whenever we wanted and have it so close"
Tyce's favorite memory: "night swimming"

Huge thanks to my parents for giving my boys such an incredible week!!!  Love you so much!!!