Saturday, January 26, 2008

Washington DC here we come!!

So this picture has nothing to do with Washington DC but, it was cute! We're off to DC for the summer! Parker got a great job at the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and we will be leaving mid May for the east coast! I'm mostly really excited about it but worried about the logistics of it all, finding housing and what not. Luckily my parents and Parker's parents are coming to visit in July so that'll help me not get so lonely. It'll be an adventure!

Why do we buy them toys?

So every time I get my laundry basket out the boys get SO excited and it makes me wonder, why do we even buy them toys? The boys had a lot of fun in the laundry basket while daddy pushed, pulled, and flew them around the house!

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Son and the IPOD

So I was in the other room and I come in and Josh has turned on Parker's IPOD and put the earphones in his ears all by himself! He was listening to rap! Haha, it's starting already...

Martin Luther King Jr. Day...

So this morning Parker gets up at his usual 6am and heads out to catch the bus down to Provo for school. He waits and waits and the bus doesn't come. He then realizes, it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day! To be honest, I have mixed feelings about MLK, he was an adulterer and did not treat his wife (and girlfriends) very well which kinda seems hypocritical to me given his cause. However, he did many great things for equality and because of him my husband gets to be HOME today and I could not be more excited. Obviously the twins were excited too. They did not want to read the same book this morning but both wanted to read with daddy, so they sat on his tummy back to back and each read their own story, haha, too cute.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mommy's Big Fall...

So yesterday we had the baby gate up at the top of our stairs because we were painting downstairs and didn't want the boys to come down so I tried to step over it, slipped, and fell down 4 stairs. Parker came running and saw me sitting on the stairs crying. He tells me to look up and I see my two little angels peeking under the baby gate, SO worried about mommy. It was priceless and precious.

I'm joining the blog world!

Ok so Justina has convinced me to start a blog and I decided since I do have two adorable little boys that I love to show off, what better place than here!

Parker and I have been married for almost 5 years now, and we have 19 month old twin boys named Jackson and Josh. They are completely different but play so cute together. Jackson is the older one, by 1 minute, and he's my blondie with blue eyes. Josh is 1 inch shorter and 3 pounds lighter, with brown hair, brown eyes, and mommy's dimples.

Parker is in his second year of law school at BYU, which keeps him plenty busy. I'm a stay at home mommy, which I love (on most days).