Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cell Phone Pics

Here are some cute pictures from my cell phone that I wanted to add to my blog.

Here they are ready to go to Leah's birthday party. They thought they looked pretty cool... On mornings where Parker is home the kids like to watch cartoons on daddy's IPAD. It's hilarious to hear a 2 year old say, "daddy can I play your IPAD?"

The other day I was in the office doing homework with Jackson and I came in to check on the other two and this is how I found them, too cute...They got their basketball jerseys last week and were super excited. Their first real game is this Friday, I'm sure I'll have lots more pics then...Last week when I was incredibly sick wonderful Traci took my kids and looks like they had fun in the snow...

Nothing super exciting going on here. A week from tomorrow we leave for McCall for a week with my whole family. We're looking forward to family time and snow, but not so much the travel getting out there! Why do we live on the wrong side of the country?? Haha, we'll survive the flights and have fun once we get there, can't wait to see everyone...especially my precious nephew Luke!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Pics

Leah and Tyce have so much fun playing in the new house he got for Christmas. They play the cutest make believe things, I love listening to them! I grabbed a couple pics of them the other day...

I also tried getting a picture of Tyce in his new outfit from Grandma Morrill. Let's see, if I hold up my backpack like THIS then you can't see my shirt...Now I'll cross my arms over my shirt...Ok, good enough. By the way, this is his "diamond" hair-do. In the morning he either asks for diamond hair or skipes (spikes)...Jackson and Tyce playing train...

Not much exciting going on around the Morrill household these days. The twins are still loving school and basketball. Parker is loving coaching them and being able to play church ball. Tyce alternates from being extremely whiney and annoying to being extremely cute and hilarious, typical two year old I guess. We are looking forward to our winter trip to McCall with my family in two weeks!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Morrill Family Fun Part 2

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast, then headed home to play. When we're in Neola the boys really don't want to go anywhere, they just want to play at grandma's house!

Parker on his IPAD, Shane watching football, and the kids playing, pretty typical... Yep, that's me! On a horse, all alone. I did pretty well except for running into some trees a couple times...

Grandma taking the twins for a ride...Daddy taking the twins out for a ride on the 4-wheeler, Tyce got on later and liked it for a while but then his face got cold...Parker and his mom playing beautiful Christmas duets...
Grandma read lots of stories to the boys. She also got up with Tyce every night (he wakes up every night around 4am) and got up with Jackson the night he was throwing up. I slept right through it and she didn't come wake us up because she wanted us to sleep! I have the sweetest mother in law!!!Despite the fact that Parker was sick, he made us all dinner one night...
Sunday night Jackie, Tyler, Cole, and Kate came out! I was super excited we got to see them. They were in Oregon with Tyler's family and left a day early so they could come see us. Thanks guys!!!

Here's Tyce playing with cute Kate...Tyce wouldn't even TOUCH the horses on Saturday, but on Monday he decided he was Mr. Brave and got on with grandma! He was on forever and didn't want to get off! Too cute...Playing on the ice...Exploring...Tyce and Kate in grandma's jacuzzi...Cole and Josh had fun in grandma and grandpa's big shower...Jackie had the boys do a special family home evening for us Monday night. She told the story of the 2000 stripling warriors and had the kids act it out. Adorable...These are their tough guy war faces...

We also played lots of family games, ate lots of food, Parker and I got to go see our friends Brandon and Becky, watched LOTS of football, did fireworks, and just enjoyed time together.

Parker and I came home thoroughly exhausted from the trip. It's always exhausting to fly across the country with kids, stay up late, get up early with the kids, play all day, then do it all again. But we had tons of fun and it was SO good to be with those we love. Love you all!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morrill Family Fun Part 1

Thursday morning Michelle and Tegan came out to Provo to pick us up. It's always hard to leave your own family, but I really do love time with my in laws. The boys were all very excited to see grandma and Auntie Tegan and, surprisingly, stayed awake the whole drive out there!

We opened presents that night. The boys sure got spoiled! They love their new dress up stuff...

And the bow and arrows and nerf guns...Tycee got the Elefun game...Tyce LOVED grandma. He always wanted "grandma do it" and showered her with hugs and kisses all week...
Joshy was playing on the treadmill and it got going too fast and he slid off, on his face and shoulder. His face has since healed nicely but his shoulder still looks pretty bad...Friday we went ice skating! Joshy was a natural...Uncle Shane and Jackson, who was very determined and never once cried despite falling many times...Tyce HATED it, and was on the ice for about two minutes total...Cute Jack with Uncle Shane...Auntie Tegan was a natural...Adorable Joshy...Mommy and her boys. Those red things were my best friends on the ice, I rarely left them!Bart had never been ice skating and was VERY determined. Michelle was a natural! Bart says Parker gets his determination from him and his skill from his mom! Haha, but I can't make fun of Bart too much because he did better than me!The whole clan..."Mommy take a picture of me!"

After ice skating we went out to dinner and the boys got to pick out toys from the gift shop and toys from Walmart. Thanks grandpa and Uncle Shane!

Part 2: Coming Soon!!! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Barraclough Fam Part 2

Part two!

Parker skiing with my uncle Darin and brother in law David... We spent an evening with my grandparents at their condo in downtown Salt Lake...

Parker walked across the street with the boys so they could see the lights on Temple Square...
Grandma Bybee reading her great grandsons stories...We spent a day at the Gateway Discovery Center which the kids just LOVED...They had the cutest little "market" for the kids to shop in...Josh making himself a turkey sandwhich at the pretend bakery...Jackson loved the construction site. He looked so serious and hard working the whole time...Jackson also loved the market...Playing dress up...There was tons more cute stuff at the discovery center but my camera got put away once Tyce started throwing up. He was fine all day, then around 5 he stopped playing and said "mommy my tummy hurt, my need medicine, go to doctor." I tried cuddling him but he ended up rolling on the floor crying, then suddenly threw up. He threw up three times there, then twice more that night. Poor guy!!!

So while he was sleeping in the other room all the other cousins had movie night while the adults played games...Sunday Lindsay and Jason blessed baby Luke so we headed down to Provo to be there. Jason did a fantastic job and Luke was precious. Here they are getting food set up for everyone after church...Proud parents of a precious baby!!!Have I mentioned lately how much I love this little angel???? Ah I miss him already!!!

We crammed as much fun as we possibly could this trip!! I miss my family but in 3 weeks we're heading to McCall, Idaho for a winter trip so we'll see them so soon!!!

Next post: fun with Morrills!!!!