Friday, October 30, 2009


Jackson is also 3 years and 4 months old and is such a sweet little boy. His favorite movies are Bugs Life, Thomas the Train, Monsters Inc, Incredibles, and Shrek. His current favorite book is a Halloween one that he just got from Grandma Morrill. His favorite food is probably granola bars and salami (not together) and his favorite drink is orange gatorade. Jackson is opposite of Josh as far as sleeping goes. He would like to go to bed early and wake up early. He is SO happy in the mornings and wakes up so fast! He does still need naps during the day but since Josh doesn't take one it's hard to get just Jack down so he usually ends up staying up and getting a little whiney by the end of the night. His favorite toy is his batman castle, spiderman motorcyle, little people and the animals, and his trains. His favorite jammies are his batman jammies with the cape, he wants to wear them every single night. His favorite shoes are his Air Jordans because he thinks he can jump "way high" in them. His favorite song is "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus."

Jackson is a very sweet and sensitive boy. He is very compassionate and worried about people's feelings. He can sense when I am having a hard day and turns on the sweetness big time. He will just walk up to me, wrap his arms around my neck, and say "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" It melts my heart. He is always worried about how someone is feeling, "Mommy are they sad? Are they mad? Why are they crying?" He is also sensitive about us teasing him. When Parker or I laugh at something he does he gets easily embarassed. Poor Jackson has a hard time with coordination and is constantly tripping, falling, getting hurt, spilling something, etc. We have to be careful not make him feel bad about himself when that happens because he is starting to feel embarassed when he does those things. Jackson also has quite the imagination. He plays the funniest games and he usually comes up with the ideas for what he and Josh play. He also has an imaginary friend, Cally, who has brown skin and blue eyes. He talks about her all the time, it cracks me up.

Jackson loves his brothers too, especially Tyce. He is always looking for ways to help me with Tyce and is so concerned when he cries. He'll always just walk up to him and give him hugs and kisses and talk baby talk to him like he hears me do. He loves to list all the things he will teach Tyce, "I will learn him to walk, I will learn him to say MOMMY COME WIPE ME, I will learn him to play games, I will learn him to eat his cereal all gone," etc. It's so cute. He also loves Joshy but is subtly bossy and in control. Pretty much what Jack says goes. Josh seems ok with it so I think it works for them.

Jackson is a good eater but is distracted by Josh who won't eat. If Jackson was alone he would eat great. He does have a much bigger appetite than Josh and sometimes eats double what Josh does. Jackson is a DRAMA KING and throws the biggest fits over the littlest things. He is very OCD so if something isn't just how he wants it he goes to pieces. The other night he sat up in his room by himself for almost an hour looking through his sock drawer trying to find a pair of socks that apparently has this microscopic blue line in between the gray toe and the white sock. Never in a million years would I have noticed that. If he can't get his shirt on the right way or if his granola bar breaks in half he will just bawl. It is very frustrating for Parker and I and we are hoping he will outgrow it.

Jackson also loves to help daddy get dressed after work. He loves to help him pick out his clothes and loves pulling off daddy's belt. He also really looks forward to his time with daddy at bedtime. After we say family prayers, Parker reads them two stories then sings them a few songs. After that is all done, Parker tries to leave and Jackson says, "daddy, cuddle me lots of times." Needless to say, Parker cannot say no to that so he lays down next to Jack and Jackson wraps his arm around Parker's neck and gets as close to him as he can and then falls asleep. It is precious and I know it's Parker's favorite part of the night.

I love my Jackson so much. I have always called him mommy's little angel and that is what he is to me. He brings a special spirit into our home that I am grateful for. I feel so blessed to have him in my life and I hope the hugs and I Love Yous never stop.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I figured it's been a while since I did a post on each of the twins individually. I realize this may be boring for you all to read but I want it for my personal history. =)

Josh is 3 years and 4 months old and is so much fun. He loves to wear his snow gloves everywhere and still loves his "la las." His favorite movies are Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, Incredibles, Homeward Bound, and Charlie Brown. His current favorite book is a book about dinosaurs that Auntie Nicole gave him. His favorite food is anything sweet and his favorite drink is strawberry milk. He is a night owl and, if he wasn't a twin, he would like to go to bed late and sleep late. He is pretty much off naps now, maybe taking 1-2 a week. His favorite toy is probably his trains, batman castle, and his tools. His favorite jammies are his superman jammies with the cape because he loves be to a "superhero." His favorite shoes are, of course, his Air Jordans from Uncle Shane. His favorite song is "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus."
Josh is incredibly coordinated and excels at whatever he attempts. He does not give up and will work at something until he masters it. He can jump, throw, catch, balance, ride his bike, hit a ball, etc all with quite skill. He takes after his daddy! He is also very smart and loves to learn. He speaks very articulate and clear and tells the most elaborate stories. He was quite the imagination!
Josh loves his brothers so much, especially Jackson. Jackson is more of the leader and Josh follows happily. When he wants something that Jack has he knows he just has to wait until Jackson is done. Today in the tub Jackson had all 20 of their little animals and Josh was asking to be able to play with just one. Jackson FINALLY gave him the goat, which is the one neither of them like, but Josh was content with it and played with it for 20 minutes, haha. When he has something that Jack wants he is very good at sharing with him. He is also very compassionate towards Jackson, always making sure he is ok. Although he is usually the one who learns something first (potty training, buckling his own car seat, etc) he still gets SO excited for Jackson once he learns it.
Josh is NOT a good eater. He's not picky, he just doesn't eat! It will take him literally hours to finish his cereal in the mornings and hours to finish lunch and dinner. It is VERY frustrating. Josh is also very stubborn and can be a punk at times. Although, it seems like lately he's been a lot sweeter. All day yesterday he told me how much he loved me, it melted my heart.
One of Josh's favorite things to do is after we go meet Parker at the train station they come home and the twins help daddy get dressed in his comfy clothes. They put his train ticket and wallet in his drawer, pull off his belt, then pick out his shirt and sweat pants. It's so cute how excited they get.
My favorite thing about Josh is his gorgeous smile and precious giggle. When he laughs it is impossible not to laugh with him. When he smiles and his big huge dimples show up, it's impossible not to smile back. My other favorite thing about Joshy are his prayers. He really thinks about what he wants to say to Heavenly Father. The other day, after I got my hair done, he said, "thankful mommy's hair looks pretty." Haha, it was too precious.
I love my Josh so much and am sad to watch him grow up. I dread the day where he doesn't want to hold mommy's hand, cuddle with mommy, or say "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" Until then, despite the exhaustion, frustration, and loneliness, I am trying to treasure these moments.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Parker!!!

Yesterday Parker turned the big 3 0!!! I really can't believe my husband is 30! Good thing I'm still so young. =) Just kidding honey! We had a laid back birthday this year seeing as we have no friends or family out here. Parker came home from work to a decorated house, yummy dinner, and Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. We were going to watch the new Transformers movie once the boys went down but we ended up being too tired so hopefully we can watch it tonight. Thanks to all those who called/texted him to make his day special. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABE AND AM SO LUCKY TO BE YOUR WIFE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

The boys each made daddy a card and inside they told me all the reasons why they love their daddy. My favorite one of Josh's was, "he wipes my bum" and my favorite one of Jackson's was, "he lets me pull off his belt." Hahaha...Grandma Morrill sent the boys a little Halloween package that they opened during daddy's party. They got books, sticker books, candy, pumpkin carving kit, and Tyce got new Halloween jammies! They were very excited. Thanks mom!Parker loves me for making him stand there while I take this picture. =)Tyceroo was chilling on the floor during most of the party...Smiling when he hears his daddy's voice...Everybody making funny faces at dinner...Don't worry, Jackson blew out the candles before Josh or Parker could even think about it, haha...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time...

Saturday we headed out to Cox Farms to get the boys a pumpkin! They had lots of fun stuff to do for the kids and we were all excited BUT, of course, it downpoured rain as soon as we got there. So we hurried and picked out pumpkins and came home to carve them. Jackson, of course, had his heart set on the biggest (and most expensive) pumpkin and daddy, being the push over that he is, let him have it. Luckily Josh had his heart set on the $2 tiny one! So we got a huge one for Jackson and a medium and tiny one for Josh.

Jack's big ol pumpkin and Josh's tiny one....Getting ready to cut open the pumpkin...Here is Jackson saying, "YOU pull the yucky seeds out not me!"He finally gave in and got his hands dirty...Josh was proud of his dirty hands...Jackson's final product, all day he had said he wanted TRIANGLE eyes AND a TRIANGLE nose...Every night they remind us to go out and light their jack-o-lanterns, they LOVE them!Josh's final product...he insisted on OVAL eyes, nose, and mouth...

They are so excited for trick or treating this year, they'll be so cute and I can't wait to take them. I got their pumpkins out and they've been practicing trick or treating. Jackson goes on one side of a door in the house and Josh goes on the other and knocks and says TRICK OR TREAT. Then Jackson opens the door and pretends to give him candy and Josh says, THANK YOU! Then they go to the next door in the house, haha. It cracks me up.

I'm also looking forward to next weekend because my DEAR DEAR friend Becky and her family are coming from Pittsburg to visit! YAY! I better rest up because Becky and I could, and will, talk all night!!!

Also, tomorrow is Parker's birthday! He's turning the big 3 0 !!! I can't believe it! More to come...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Week With My Parents!!!

My parents flew into town Wednesday and stayed through Sunday, not long enough, but better than nothing! =) It was so fun having them here and the boys just loved them!

Here they are closing their eyes waiting for their surprise from Grandma and Grandpa Barraclough...They got Candyland and Memory! They love to play games!Here's Tyceroo in his bouncer...We took them to the playplace at the mall, my dad watched them while my mom and I shoe shopped, thanks dad!!! Thursday night my parents babysat while Parker and I went out! Here they are playing memory on the table and eating popcorn...Daddy and Tyce smiling at eachother...Saturday we got tickets to do the Capitol tour, here they are looking EVER so excited...Here is the top of the Temple of Freedom, the dome you see from the outside...Parker and I in front of the statue...Cute guys...Joshy sitting in Tyce's car seat...Here is the top of the Library of Congress....The twins and I at the Library of Congress, they were bored to death....Grandpa and the twins...Tycee LOVES his grandma...Cute guy...Smiley guy...Right before they had to leave for the airport... =(
Thanks mom and dad for coming! Now I've got to begin the countdown till they come next...5 weeks!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gotta Love Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day everyone! Haha, the only reason I'm celebrating it is because Parker gets the day off! Yay! It's been fun having him home today. He did all the night feedings and got up early with the twins, letting me sleep in!!! Then we packed up a picnic and went to the park. The boys and Parker played on the toys while I cuddled Tyce (it was in the 50's today! Brrr!) then we all went for a walk on this really pretty trail through the gorgeous trees. One thing I do NOT miss about Utah is the brown, I am loving the green out here. The leaves are changing color and it's just beautiful! Then we all came home and cranked up the Cocomotion and made some yummy hot chocolate! Parker has really taken over this weekend letting me rest and it was been wonderful and MUCH NEEDED. One thing I love about Parker is that he never makes me feel lazy. He understands that I have not been feeling well and have not been getting enough sleep and so he steps in and sacrifices his own time and sleep for me. Gosh, I'm a lucky girl aren't I? Thanks sweetie!!!! =)

He looks a little tired huh? This is only the second tub daddy has given Tyce! Needless to say, he loved it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun at the Fire Station...

On Saturday Parker took the twins to an open house at the Firestation by our house. I was home sick with Tyce but it sounds like they had TONS of fun! They were in heaven because the whole fire truck, ambulance, and ladder truck were open for them to just roam around in and play! They had lots of fun "driving" the fire truck and I think they make adorable firemen!!!
Tyce has been LOVING his bumbo seat today, he looks like such a big boy in it! I know it sounds so cliche, but I really cannot believe how fast he is growing up! I love his smiles and he just ADORES his daddy. Anytime he hears Parker's voice he gets a big ol grin on his face. Looks like we have yet ANOTHER daddy's boy in the family!!! Our "HOW MANY DAYS UNTIL GRANDMA AND GRANDPA BARRACLOUGH COME" chain is getting shorter and shorter! In three days I'll be picking them up from the airport!!! YAY!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cutie Pies...

I've had QUITE the day today and cannot remember the last time I've been this mad at the twins. In about three hours they have dumped every toy in the house on the floor, dumped six boxes of raisins on the floor, and got into my makeup bag-smearing mascara and liquid foundation ALL OVER my carpet, walls, doors, mirror, and chaise lounge. I am beyond mad and I don't know what to do SO I decided to do a post on how cute they are and how much I love them. Maybe it will help. Ok, maybe not. But, regardless, here are some pics...
Ok so I put a lot more pics of Tyce on there because HE has been an angel lately!!! Ah somebody please help me, I can't handle these crazy punks!!!