Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not To Worry, I Survived!

Ok so I survived without my husband! We pick him up at the airport tonight and the boys and I could NOT be more excited! It was been a hard week (being PMS doesn't help when you're already lonely and stressed) but I have tried to make the most out of it.

Monday night we had dinner at my grandparents condo in Salt Lake which was really fun, I absolutely love my grandparents and feel so lucky to be so close with them. They live in SLC in the fall/winter and Oregon in the spring/summer so I love being able to see them so much while they're here! They're so "with the times" I even taught them how to read text messages! Haha, my goal is to teach them how to write texts also but I'll give it some time so as not to overwhelm them!

Tuesday night we headed down to Provo and went to Jason's football game at UVU, went shopping, then went over to Justina's house. The boys played SO cute with Aiden! We took them to Taco Bell for dinner and, as always, they made a huge mess and people looked at us like we're the worst parents ever. Oh well, we had fun right Justina? Haha.

Wednesday we headed up north to visit some people in Ogden and Layton. I went up to Ogden to visit my old office, Adult Probation and Parole. It was fun seeing my old friends (and enemies, haha) but I am sure glad I don't work there anymore! Then I headed down to Layton to visit my other old office, Dept of Workforce Services. It was super weird being back there because I haven't worked there for like 5 years but it was so fun to see people and show off the boys. Then I met up with my friend JaNae and we hung out the rest of the night and had so much fun! She has two precious little girls and my boys had so much fun with them! It was fun watching them play together, and they have all these fun girl toys that my boys loved! Kitchen set, dress up clothes, purses, shoes, haha!

So I kept busy so I wouldn't miss Parker too much. The weird thing is, I didn't work out once this week! Those of you who know me know that that is a BIG deal for me. I never ever miss going to the gym but this week, for some reason, I could not get myself there. So now I'm 50 pounds heavier, haha, but oh well.

Update on Parker's interviewing trip...his interview in Eugene went ok, but we don't really expect anything to come of it. His interview in Portland went really well and they will probably bring him back on Christmas break for an interview with all the partners. Then he flew to San Francisco and went to a dinner social thing last night which went well he said and then he's in an interview with Deloitte right now! So we'll see where life takes us, I have mixed emotions about where I want to be. I know I do not really want to be in DC, Vegas, or Cali. Haha, ok so I just want to be in Oregon or Utah. Portland would be our first choice, I just love the Pacific Northwest but I will really really really miss my sisters and in laws if we leave Utah! We'll just be prayerful and hope for the best.

This is a boring post, I'm sorry, I'm just not myself without my honey. =) We have a fun weekend ahead so cute pics to come!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lonely Night #1...

Ok so I know there are people that are going to read this and think we're super pathetic but 3 days and 3 nights apart is a LONG time for Parker and I! We absolutely love to be together so any time apart is very hard for us. We dropped him off at the airport tonight and the boys were sad to say goodbye to daddy and also very jealous he gets to go way high in the sky. On the way home Jack was saying, "daddy scared to go way high" and Josh was saying, "no Jack, daddy way brave!" Hahahaha, it was so cute!

So it's 10:45pm and Josh is still in his room fighting going to bed so I figured I may as well blog since I can't sleep until Josh does! is Parker's birthday post....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a fun celebration weekend, Saturday we went to the BYU football game then went out to dinner with his family at RUBY RIVER!!! It was SOOO yummy, it's our favorite restaurant hands down but quite spendy so we don't get to go there except like once a year. THANKS MOM AND DAD! =)

Sunday we had my whole family over for another birthday dinner! My mom and I made sweet and sour chicken for 18 people! It was crazy and I could NOT have done it without her, thanks mom!!! My grandparents, aunt, cousins, sisters and their families, and parents were all there so we had so much fun. Parker got some nice presents and I hope he didn't mind all the attention (Parker's not big on being the center of attention, haha). I was so busy cooking and entertaining that I didn't take any pics, but my sis got a few...

The boys were SO excited about daddy's birthday! It was precious. ALL day they were singing happy birthday to daddy and it just made Parker melt every time. They loved the presents, balloons, cake, and people.

Anyways, I hope my honey had a good birthday. I love him so much and wish we had the money so I could just spoil him. He deserves so much and I want him to have everything! I LOVE shopping for him! He is an amazing husband, ask anyone, he treats me like a princess and I couldn't ask for anything more. He hates contention so we rarely fight and he always does his best to make me feel good about myself. He never ever criticizes me and puts up with me being me. He is the perfect dad for Jackson and Josh and they 100% adore him, (case in point Josh is in his bed right now screaming, me want daddy me miss daddy). He plays so cute with them and is very patient with them, especially when I've lost all patience. He has accomplished a lot academically and I'm proud of all he's done. I love you with all my heart babe, and miss you already!!!!!!! Happy 29th birthday you old man! ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Happy Birthday Parker! Today has been a crazy busy day with 18 people over for Parker's birthday dinner so I am, needless to say, exhausted from cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. SO...I am going to do his birthday post tomorrow (I'm also waiting to get some pics from my dad of the festivities). Plus, Parker leaves tomorrow for a week for interviews in Oregon and California so I'll be all alone with the boys and maybe blogging will keep me sane! But if you are dying to read about Parker today (and really, who isn't!?) then you can read his sister Jackie's post she did today, it's super sweet and all true! But I love you honey and am SO glad you were born 29 years ago!!! =)

On a different note, Parker and I are currently avoiding the auhorities as we are worried our children may be taken away from us. Poor Jackson fell out of the shopping cart at Cabellas and has a huge bruise on his cheek and hip. Poor Josh was trying to walk down the stairs in my mom's heels (yes you read that right) and he biffed it and fell down about 6 stairs and got a fat bloody lip! My poor children! Anyways, the pictures don't do them justice because my stupid camera isn't cooperating with me get the picture...

Poor Jack has been sick with a fever for a few days and Josh just threw up all over my bathroom! They are still active as ever though! Haha! Stay tuned to learn more about Parker and his fun birthday weekend! =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Football Games...

Parker has been playing on the law school intramural football team again this year and they just had their last game (but we still have playoffs!) It is so fun to go watch him play, when I met him he was playing quarterback at Weber State but we decided he should quit and work when we got married instead of play. I know that was a good decision, but I still think it would've been fun to have watched him play. So I have loved going to his games this year, and they did good-they were 4-1!

The other great thing about going to the games is I get to hang out with Justina and the boys get to play with Aiden! Ok, so maybe we miss a few important things in the game because we're busy chatting or trying to keep our kids off the field, but we do the best we can!
The boys love watching daddy play football, and are always yelling "go daddy-touchdown tackle!" I have a hard time keeping them off the field because they want to go play with daddy.

The boys and Aiden...
Justina and Eva...Jackson stuffing his face with M&Ms....I'm actually kinda sad that this will be our last season because Parker will be GRADUATING in April!!! Ok, so I'm not super sad-we are SO sick of school and are ready to start making money instead of borrowing money! Hang in there honey, 6 more months!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am loving the Halloween season for the first time in a long time! It is so fun having the boys be excited about costumes, pumpkins, trick or treating, and candy. I'm not a big Halloween fan because I don't like to dress up and I certainly don't need to eat a lot of candy but with 2 year olds around, it's been fun! They have been talking about "making faces on our punkins" all week so we finally did it today.

Much to our surprise, they would NOT put their hands in the pumpkin and help daddy get the guts out (which I remember being our favorite thing to do with my dad because it was one of the few times my mom let us get DIRTY!).
The finished product...

The great pumpkin carver and the boys...Jackson loves his daddy..."SCARY PUNKIN FACES"...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet Jackson...

Ok so now it's Jackson's turn in the spotlight! He is also growing up so fast and is a joy to have around the house. He loves to read books and is so fun to read to because he says the cutest things about what he says or hears. He also loves to color, his favorite thing lately to color are doghouses for Okie (Gramma Morrill's dog) and her puppies to live in. Haha. He also loves balls but isn't quite as coordinated as Josh. I think the poor guy got his mommy's coordination, I'm sorry Jack!!! But that never holds him back, even if he doesn't do it with much grace or even if he falls, he'll do whatever he sees Josh do! He has just lately been really into playing pretend, and he's always asking Josh to come play house with him, haha. He also loves to get random things that look like spatulas and flippers and pretend he's cooking for mommy. I love it!

He's doing pretty good with his colors and can count to 10. He was the first to learn his shapes and especially loves diamonds!! He is talking very well and loves to boss people around. STOP MEOWING STUPID CAT (haha, I wonder where he's heard THAT), JOSHY COME PLAY ME, Mommy DO DISHES! Like Josh, he is not into TV at all and will watch maybe 5 minutes of a movie. He loves singing and loves his new VeggieTale CD.

His favorite possessions are his legos, balls, and his la la. He is also obsessed with mommy's shoes just like Josh. He usually picks out the black and white ones. He loves to help daddy get dressed in the morning, he picks out his shoes and belt and it's so cute to watch him admire his daddy.

Jackson used to be a little more easy going then he is now. He is becoming more stubborn, bossy, and disobedient. It's interesting to me how they've changed roles, when they were babies Josh was the easy baby, then when they were about 1 Jackson became much easier, now that they're two, Josh is the easy one again! Jackson can be very dramatic over little things, for example, the other morning he cried for over an hour because his banana broke in half. He absolutely hates when things break in half, like a cracker or cookie. He seriously threw a fit for an hour. He even went up and got Parker's tools asking mommy to "fick the nana." Hahaha!

Jackson is definitely my better sleeper though! He is such an angel at bed time, he just lays in his bed-watching Josh crawl in and out and get in trouble-then he just falls asleep. He is so easy to put down and he wakes up SO happy! He's about an inch taller than Josh and about 4 pounds bigger, he seems pretty tall compared to other kids his age. He is also a good eater, he likes most things and will eat quite a bit.

Jack has always been my special spirit, so many times in his life I have felt the spirit through him. Every night when we sing I Am a Child of God he looks at me with this smile, a different smile than his normal smile, and I know he is feeling the spirit. He loves church and loves to tell us how he learned about Jesus. Sometimes he'll bring our Sunbeam manual to me and ask me to talk about Jesus! I just melt inside. He loves to give mommy big hugs and kisses, which I love!

I love you so much Jackson, and thanks for making your mommy so happy!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Out with Friends...

So I look back over my blog and I swear I must look like the biggest loser because everything is about the boys! I DO have a life ya know! Ok, so not really. I'm a stay at home mom with a husband who has homework 24/7 but, I DO get out sometimes! Haha.

Earlier this week I went to lunch with my friends Ashley, Jami, and Becca and we had a fun time! Jami was my roomate my freshman year at BYU and we have SO many memories, haha, good times huh James!? We haven't seen eachother all summer so it was wonderful to see her again.
Tonight I went out to dinner with my friends from back home, Mikaela and Tiffany. Mikaela and I have been friends since 1st grade and our families were best friends too so, needless to say, there's a LOT of history there! Tiff and Mikaela are both prego too! Yay! We talked forever despite the rude waitress who kept hinting at us to leave, I'm so sure I pay that much for a meal and she wants me to up and leave. So there, there's proof that I do have a life, sorta and sometimes. Ok, so I can't just leave out the boys. I took them on a "pic nic nic" the other day and they were SO cute. They think eating outside on a blanket at a park is the coolest thing ever and it is fun to see how excited they get. Gotta love the days where they're easily entertained!
Ok, and last but not least...the JACKSON posting is coming up next I swear! I've got some people telling me that Josh must be my favorite cuz I haven't done Jack's posting yet. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! I promise I'll get Jack's up soon! Maybe even tomorrow if you're lucky =) or if I'm lucky enough to get 20 minutes to myself. We'll see............

Friday, October 10, 2008

Why Parker is NO LONGER in the doghouse...

It seems the combination of being married 5 years, being poor, being in law school, and having twin 2 year old boys has left little time, money, and energy for Parker and I to do sweet little things for eachother. Yesterday though Parker surprised me with....

For those who don't know, I absolutely LOVE See's candies!!! It was a little gesture that meant a lot. He knows I have been so down lately and I appreciated him thinking about me, thanks babe, I love you so much!!!

Update on my stomach situation...they did some blood tests and it looks like I may have celiac disease, just like my mom (thanks mom!) Celiac disease is a gluten intolerance so I pretty much can't eat breads, crackers, chips, cookies, pastas, cereals, etc. AKA, everything I love. My stomach just cannot process wheat and that is why I have been so incredibly sick. The only way to know for sure if I have it is to do an endoscopy which I will have in November, we'll see what they find. Thanks for your concern everyone!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Parker and I took the boys to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point last night and they had so much fun! At first they were a little unsure and a little overwhelmed but they warmed up to it after a while and had a fun time.

They had little tractor wagons for us to pull them around...
Joshy loved the cow train...Jackson would have nothing to do with it...
They had these big haystacks with slides coming down...Horsie swings...Jack of course put his arm in the water so he was nice and cold the rest of the night...They had this giant jumping pillow and a littler jumping pillow for the little kids and the boys LOVED it!

Taking a break for some Kit Kats...They had this wooden room full of corn and the boys LOVED playing in there. When we got home and changed their diapers we found a bunch of corn, Joshy goes, "me got cornbellys down my diaper!" Hahaha, it was so cute! At first Jack just wanted to watch Josh from the outside...

Then he realized how much fun he could have INSIDE...We also got to shoot corn out of the corn shooter, see baby pigs and goats race, go in the belly of a huge haunted dragon, and lots of other fun things. They boys also got to pick out their own pumpkin to bring home, they were SO excited, they even slept with them!!
It was such a fun night for our family to spend some time together!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sweet Josh...

I thought it was time to do a little update on each of the boys and I'll start with Josh!

He is growing up so fast I cannot even believe it. At least five times a day he does or says something that just amazes me! He loves to learn and will struggle at something until he masters it, he does not give up. He is extremely coordinated (he obviously got his daddy's genes) and can hit, throw, and catch a baseball. He loves to play football with daddy, he's even thrown some spirals! He could spend his whole days shooting hoops with his basketball and loves to yell, MADE IT or MISS whenever he shoots. He also loves to play "bolleyball" just like his aunties! He is always jumping, he'll jump all around the house and he will jump off anything, no matter how high. The crazy thing is, he always lands! He seriously never falls! Again, daddy's coordination. =)

He has learned his colors, can count to 10, and knows his shapes. He is talking very well and uses full sentences now! He used to call Jackson, Jack, and now he says Jackson and it's so cute! He loves to read books and color, and still has no interest in TV or movies. He is just now getting into songs and music, he likes the Wheels on the Bus, 5 Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I Am a Child of God, and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.

His favorite possessions are his balls, especially his batman ball. Every night he sleeps with at least two balls and his la la (cloth burp rag). He is also still very into mommy's shoes, every day after I get him dressed he goes into my closet and picks out a pair of my flip flops to wear. Unfortunately, he usually chooses the pink ones but sometimes will settle for my black or white ones. He also loves purses, the other day he had on my pink flip flops, my red purse, and daddy's football and he goes, "bye mommy, later, me going to my football game!" Hahaha, it was hilarious.

He used to be my more difficult child but he has actually become much easier lately. He usually only cries when Jack picks on him (which is quite a bit) and he usually invents the games that he and Jack play.

He is a total night owl and would stay up till midnight if we let him. He would love to sleep in in the morning but Jackson wakes him up every morning bright and early! He is still not a very big eater, which is probably why he's still the little one (24 pounds at 28 months). He is quite picky but things he does love are oatmeal, fruit, granola bars, yogurt, peas, and ANYTHING sweet!

He absolutely loves his family and friends. He loves to go to other people's houses and talks about it all day and the things he remembers about that person's house. "Aiden golf clubs," "Gamma Morrill, okie, puppies," "Bampa Cluff's big boat," "Lindsay's house no toys," and "Jackie's house, BABY COLE!" He has a really good memory (like his mommy!) and always amazes me at the things he remembers.

A cute story that happened last night was when Parker was laying down with him in his bed trying to get him to sleep. He was saying that he was scared because it was dark and daddy was telling him that he doesn't need to be scared because Heavenly Father, Jesus, mommy, daddy, and Jack are all here and love him. He just listened to Parker then, about 5 minutes later, just randomly goes...."Jesus loves me!" I wasn't there but Parker said it was the cutest thing ever to hear him say that, and I hope he does know that Jesus loves him!

I know this was probably boring for most of you to read but I want to remember this stage, I am just loving my precious little Joshua and he makes me so happy. I love you Joshy!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What We've Been Up To...

Well we've been staying busy around the Morrill house these days, not doing anything too exciting but here's an update!

GO COUGARS! For those who don't know, BYU is ranked 8 this week! I am so excited for my Cougars, and am looking forward to the rest of the home games! Here's my sis and I at the last game...
And go Aggies! Haha, I'm not a die hard Utah State fan or anything but my sis in law, Christine, plays volleyball there so I am a die hard fan when I go to cheer for her! I'm just glad she plays THERE instead of University of Utah! My other sis in law Jackie played there and it was HARD to cheer for her in that RED gym! Haha, I love you Jackie! We went up last weekend to Logan for Christine's game, she did SOO good and was named player of the week! Congrats sis!
We had to go up to Salt Lake for Jack's follow up appt for his ears and they just looked cute playing with the toys in the waiting room, so I whipped my camera out, haha. Last but not least, one of our neighbors called Parker the other day asking if we wanted some of her old toys that her boys outgrew, free toys, HECK YA! The boys were SO excited when they walked in the room and saw this tool bench with all sorts of tools and gear. The drills actually spin and the light actually works! They have been playing with it all morning and keep saying, "just like daddy." Josh actually knows how to use stuff, Jackson thinks it's fun to dump everything on the floor and make Josh mad, haha. Oh well, to each their own!
Haha, Josh loved the safety goggles and the tool belt, my little nerd....