Saturday, October 29, 2011

Field Day

On Friday the boys had field day at school so I got a babysitter for Tyce and signed up to volunteer! It was COLD but so fun. Again, I was very impressed with the school. There were 8 stations, all very creative and fun. Everything was so organized and well done. I was that mom who was taking pictures of everything but the boys didn't seem to mind! When they first saw me they were SO excited. They even kissed me on the lips in front of their friends! Those days will never end right?!

Here they are doing the parachute, oh memories of Schirle Elementary School P.E....

At this station they had to get as many balls in their team's net as they could. At the end of each round they would count the balls in each net and the team with the most balls won. It was SO funny because after they would announce the winner, Josh would run over to that team and clap for himself as if he was on the team that won. Hahahaha...
At this station they had to draw a cougar paw (because their school is called Cougar Elementary) then they could go play on the playground. Jack was so cute on the playground. There was this little girl, Brooke, who was hiding under this ledge thing and looked sad. Jack walked over to her and I tried to listen in without him knowing. "Brookie, what's wrong?" "Those kids over there said they didn't want to play with me." Jackson walked over to a group of kids and I couldn't hear what he said to them. Then he walked back to Brooke and said, "I talked to them and they said they wanted to be your friend so let's go play!" Brooke looked SO happy and they all went to play. Too precious. I also saw at least three girls following Jackson around saying "I love you Jackson! You are cute Jackson!" Jack would roll his eyes and run away, hahahaha!They loved the pogo ball races...Josh was great at the shooting hoops station...

It was very interesting to watch them interact with their friends at school. They were rarely together. They don't line up together, they don't pick the same teams, and they don't play with the same friends. I'm glad they're not clingy and I know it's healthy but it's also a little sad! But their teacher said she'll catch them looking at eachother from across the room and smiling at eachother quite often. So cute. At the end when they were lining up to go back to the classroom all their classmates were telling me, "I'm Jackson and Josh's friend!" I'm glad they're so well liked and am so glad they love school.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

Sunday we carved and painted pumpkins! Here they are about to start... Deep in thought as to what design to do...

Josh's pumpkin...This was the first year Jack was "brave" and put his hands in to get the seeds out. Josh wouldn't do it!
Tyce was a PUNK for the first little bit (grandmas dont be fooled, I know he looks sad but he was being such a punk)...Then he cheered up when he got to paint his pumpkin...The finished products! They looked much better before they were painted but the kids love painting so we let them...

Now we're ready for Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker!

Yesterday was Parker's 32nd birthday! He had to work so I got up with him before he left and made cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. When he got home from work we picked him up from the train and went to Pizza Hut with the kids because they got their Book Its and couldn't wait to get their free pizzas. After pizza we came home for presents and cake... The kids worked very hard on their cards for daddy. Jackson's writing is looking so good and he put so much thought into what he wanted to write and draw for daddy...

Josh did his a little faster but still was very excited to write what he loves about his daddy...
Tyce was so cute about making a card for daddy. "My draw circles, my name, and my hand." He got cute cards and money from my grandparents and parents...I got him shoes, not super exciting but he needed them and liked them!Parker loves red velvet cake but no one else in the fam does so he has an entire 9x13 cake to eat!

Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner with some friends, without the kids, so that will be a little more relaxing. :)

I love Parker so much and am so glad that he is mine. He is everything I want and need in a husband and best friend. He is loving, complimentary, patient, unselfish, energetic, good conversationalist, intelligent, humble, athletic, and gorgeous. What more could a girl want right? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Jackson

Jackson has always had a sweet, sensitive, and spiritual side of him. There have been many times where I feel the spirit in his presence. A couple weeks ago I started playing one of my favorite church songs, When He Calls My Name by Hilary Weeks. Every time I hear it it brings tears to my eyes. I left it playing on the computer while I went upstairs to change Tyce's diaper. When I came downstairs Jackson was sitting in the computer chair staring at the screen while that song played. He was completely calm and in his own world. I let the song finish then I asked him what he was doing. He turned to me and said, mommy for some reason I really like that song!

A week later I had that same song playing while I was making dinner. I forgot that it was still playing and we started to eat dinner. With all the noise in my house you could barely hear the music.

Jackson: "Everyone be quiet, I like this song!"
Parker had just taken Tyce upstairs because he was throwing a fit. Josh and I were very quiet while we listened to the entire song.
Me: "Jack do you know what that song is about?"
Jackson: "No?"
Me: "It's about when you die and meet the Savior in Heaven, he will call your name."
Jackson: "How do you know I'll go to Heaven mommy?"
Me: "If you live a good life and try your best to be good then you will honey."
Jackson: "But mommy, I've done some bad things that I don't want to tell you about."
Me: "Jack you can tell me anything, I always want you to be honest with me."
Jackson: "Well, one time I hit Joshy and said I didn't. And one time I broke Joshy's toy but said that Joshy did it."
Me: "Jackson thanks for being honest with mommy. Let's work on being more honest ok?"
Jackson: "Ok mommy. When I meet Jesus in Heaven, will you all be there too? Joshy, Daddy, Tyce, and you?"
Me: "Yes honey, we're all trying to live our lives so that we can be worthy of that blessing of an eternal family in Heaven."
Jackson had tears in his eyes and a calm I've never seen in his face. For about 30 seconds he sat there with tears in his eyes and the sweetest look on his face. The spirit was so strong in our dining room. After about 30 seconds he says, I have to go potty. Haha.

That was the first time I think he's really felt the spirit so strongly. I want him to always remember it so he cannot deny it. I think music touches him like it does me. I am so grateful he was sent to my home to give me those sweet and precious moments. I love you Jackson and will try harder to live my life so I can live forever with you!

Another cute Jack story, this was his morning prayer the other day:

"Please bless Joshy and I to find kids that don't have friends and be their friends and play with them. And please bless us to show the bad kids how to be good."

Hahaha, so cute!!! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week With Dana

My older sister Dana came to visit on Tuesday! I've been super excited for her to come because she's never been out here and also we've never really had time together without kids!

My boys don't know Dana very well, especially Tyce, but it sure didn't take them long to warm up to her!Friday Parker took the day off to watch the kids and Dana and I went to DC for the day! It was a fun and exhausting day! We left at 8am and got home at 8pm with sore feet!

We went to visit Obama but he was busy...Saturday we went to the gym halloween party, then went bowling!Ironman bowling...Bumble Bee bowling...My cute boys, who knows what Tyce is looking at...Tyce was so cute clapping and cheering for everyone...My cute sis bowling...Why do we both look so tired? Haha...An attempt at a family picture, again, where is Tyce looking??After bowling we went out to lunch, home for naps, then off to the ward halloween party! They got their face painted by the young women...The only picture we got of them walking across the stage for the costume parade. Tyce won the cutest kid costume award!Cutest cowboy I've ever seen!Auntie Dana with her cute nephews!

It was so fun having her here. We stayed up late every night chatting, laughing, and watching family home videos. The only reason I'm glad she's gone is so that I can finally get caught up on my sleep! Thanks so much for coming sis!!! Next visitors, my parents in a couple weeks! Yay!!!