Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

We had a way fun Easter weekend-my parents were in town and that always means two things, tons of fun mixed with some family drama. But all in all it was a wonderful holiday weekend.

Saturday night we all went to P.F. Changs for my grandma and sister's birthdays and that was really fun except we all seemed to have upset stomachs after! But we had no kids (thanks a ton Justina and Aiden!) so that made it that much better! Then we went to my house for candied popcorn and games! We played Catch Phrase, girls vs. boys, and of course girls won! =) It was so fun though! My dad has some cute pics of the evening on his camera so if he can figure out how to send them to me I'll post some. =)

Sunday was fun we got up early for church and taught our sunbeam class in Primary. They were SO cute and very hyper given the holiday Sunday. It amazed me how much they understood and remembered about Christ's life, death, and resurrection-children truly are special spirits who are so close to the Lord. Then we came home and the boys did their easter egg hunt, it was so cute! They knew right away to go find the eggs and put them in their baskets. Joshy kept calling them balls, but that's ok! Then I brought down their easter baskets which they loved but they weren't all that interested in the candy (they're obviously not MY kids)! Josh was THRILLED about his new spiderman ball ($0.69) and Jackson loved his new bubble gun ($3.59), haha. They were so fun to watch!

After our Sunday nap we went up to Bountiful for a family dinner at my sister's house. It was really fun and it felt good to have everyone together-I'm such a dork, I just love family! All in all it was a fun weekend and I'm sad my parents have to go back to Oregon tomorrow. Next time I see my mom will be when she comes to visit us in Washington DC! Scary! But my dad comes down for business a lot so I'll see him soon. =) Happy Easter everyone!

Here are some pics from the weekend....

Could my nieces be any cuter!! =)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


So my little sister turns 21 today!!! I can't believe it! I'm really proud of her and all she's done in her life. She has turned from my little sister who danced in front of our house to Wilson Phillips in her gymnastics leotard to my grown up sister who is excelling in school and life. She has also become a best friend to me and for that I am so grateful. I feel so lucky to have her in my life and I look up to her in so many ways. I love you sis and happy birthday!!!

Here are a few pics of us...

Here I am teaching Linds how to pump gas...

Here we are on temple square singing Oh Come Oh Come Emanuel and walking in rythym (Sprague Concert Choir baby!)

Brave us going on the Speedway rollar coaster in Vegas!!

Here we are at Abbi's swim meet-a definite Barraclough girl pastime!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why I Love My Husband...

So when I was little I really wanted to marry my daddy, we even have it on a home video-me saying, "I want to marry YOU daddy and no other boy." Why did I want to marry my dad? No not because he's incredibly sexy or anything but because he was all I ever wanted in a man, I loved him with all my heart and looked up to him so much. So when poor Parker came along I fear I may have made him feel like he will never live up to my expectations of my dad (those of you that know my dad know what I'm talking about-great guy!). However, we've been together about 5 years now and I'm happy to say-Parker has not only MET my expectations but EXCEEDED them! I love him so much and here are the reasons why...

1) He really does treat me like a princess in every way.
2) He is unbelievably patient with me, my moods, and our twins.
3) He is very selfless and always thinks of me before himself.
4) He is always there for me when I need him.
5) He's a GREAT cuddler, kisser, and much much more ;)
6) He gives me amazing back scratches whenever I want one.
7) He gets up with the boys and lets me sleep in.
8) He scoops the cat litter box, which I would just hate to have to do.
9) He is an amazing daddy to our little boys.
10) He is a worthy priesthood holder who loves the gospel.
11) He comes from a wonderful loving family that has totally accepted me and treats me like one of their own.
12) He absolutely hates to fight, and is always willing to apologize, forgive, and talk things out.
13) He is gorgeous-I especially love his eyes and his smile.
14) He always makes me feel so sexy and beautiful, even when I really really don't feel like it.
15) He's real, humble, and honest.
16) He loves me, and I have never ever had a doubt in my mind about that, which gives me great comfort.
17) He makes me laugh, some people see him as shy-but the real Parker is so much fun.
18) He is romantic and loves doing the same things I do.
19) He is incredibly smart-Bachelors in Accting and Japanese, Masters in Accting, CPA, and now half way through law school-need I say more!?
20) He is my best friend and I really truly could not ask for more.

I love you Parker!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Josh's Shoe Obsession

So I think this is the funniest son LOVES shoes! He freaks out if everyone else has shoes on and he doesn't. Like every morning we get ready to go to the gym and I put my tennis shoes on and I put Jackson's shoes on and Josh just panics because he thinks he's going to be left behind if he doesn't have his shoes on. So he'll run into his room and find whatever two shoes he can find, put them on, then hurry downstairs and point to his feet saying, "shoes, go, shoes, go." Haha. Sometimes too when he's just bored he'll entertain himself by trying on different shoes. Today he got two mix matched shoes, wrong feet, and wrong size (Jackson's are a size bigger than Josh's). Haha, I had to get a picture.
Today we had a fun battle at lunchtime. They were eating spaghetti and they saw daddy eating a cookie (good going daddy). So they both starting whining for a cookie. I told Jackson that he had to eat 4 more bites then he could have a cookie. He looked at me and I could tell he was really trying to understand me. He ate his 4 bites fast as he could and then asked for a cookie. I was so proud of him that he did what I asked and he was so excited to get his cookie! THEN there's Josh...those of you that know my twins know that Joshy is usually the more diffiucult of the two. I tried the same method with him and he sat there for 20 minutes crying for a cookie but he would NOT eat a bite of spaghetti, just one little bite! So I had to put him down for a nap without a cookie-Jackson was happy and tired and just fell right asleep but Josh is still crying as I sit here typing. Poor guy, it breaks my heart but I have to be tough right?! It's hard because I don't know for sure if he understands what I'm saying, although he is usually the smarter one so if Jack gets it Josh should get it too! It just makes me sad being the mean mommy that won't give him a cookie-but he's got to learn right!? Any suggestions??

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Weekend Alone

So my wonderful mother in law offered to take the boys out to her house from Thursday to Sunday last week! It was such a nice break, but I missed them like crazy. It's funny how so many times as a mom you just think, Ah I need a break! Well, I got one-a three day one-and I couldn't wait to have them home. I know they had a blast though, they didn't want to leave grandma when she brought them back! My boys are so lucky to have a grandma like her, we all love her so much! They're also lucky to have an aunt who's only 8 so I know they had a lot of fun playing with her, they love their Auntie Tegan! =) So apparently they were having too much fun to take many pictures but here are a few of them being spoiled at Grandma Morrill's house...

So what did WE do for three whole days alone you ask?? Well unfortunately my body decided it was time to get sick, which I rarely am. I had a terrible cold and even worse stomach issues. But I was NOT about to sit around and let this time pass! Parker and I had a romantic candlelight dinner Thursday night at home then we went to the movie National Treasure-good movie. Friday we slept in till 10:30!!!! I couldn't believe it! Friday night we went to dinner, just the two of us, no high chairs, no kids meals, it was wonderful. Then our friends Tara and Phil came over and we played games all night which was way fun! Saturday morning we slept in till about 10:00, went to a matinee of Vantage Point-which I loved but got a little motion sickness, then we headed up to Oakley with my sis Lindsay and her boyfriend Jason. His family has a cabin over there and it was SO fun! We went snowmobiling, had yummy steaks that Jason made for dinner, played games, and just had fun. It was a good time to get to know Jason a little better since they seem to be getting pretty serious!! So Sunday we went to church-just the two of us, so weird. We came home from church and took a nap then went out to pick up our boys! It was a fun weekend and once again, thanks mom for taking the boys!!! Here are some pics of our night at the cabin with Lindsay and Jason...

Monday, March 10, 2008

ABC's About Me

So it seems that whenver I do a post about just me, without pictures of the boys, no one ever comments...hmm...I think I'm loved just cuz of my adorable boys! =) Haha, well I'm still waiting for my sis to get me pictures of our fun weekend without kids so until I get those...I will do this tag from Justina. =) Enjoy!

A - Attached or Single: Attached

B - Best Friend: Parker, Becky, and Linds

C - Cake or Pie: Depends on the kind-white cake or banana cream pie-always a hit!

D - Day of choice: Saturdays or Sundays

E - Essential Item: My heating pad! My back would never survive without it!

F - Favorite Color: Pink, love it, and I live in a home with three boys and even a boy cat!

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Not a huge fan of either, but probably sour gummy worms

H - Hometown: Salem, Oregon

I - Indulgence(s): ICE CREAM!

J - January or July: Probably July, as long as it's not too hot!

K - Kids: 21 month old twin boys

L - Life is incomplete without: My family, my friends, and my beliefs

M - Marriage Date: June 6, 2003

N - Number of Siblings: 2 real sisters, three sisters in law (who I LOVE like real sisters) and two brothers in law

O - Oranges or Apples: Apples-as long as they're green and tart

P - Phobias or Fears: Spiders, burning in a fire, and something happening to my boys

Q - Quotes: "No other success can compensate for failure in the home" Pres. McKay

R - Reason to smile: I just got my boys back after my mother in law had them for three days!

S - Season: Spring and Fall-not too hot not too cold

T - Tag Three Friends: Keri, JaNae, and Shalyse

U - Unknown fact about me: I'm with Justina on this one-I LOVE to eat out!

V - Very favorite Store: I'm really not a big shopper-maybe See's Candies =)

W - Worst habit: Texting 24/7

X - X-ray or Ultrasound: Ultrasounds! I got to see my boys every other week while they were inside me! I loved it!

Y - Your favorite food: Ice cream and ice chips

Z - Zodiac: Virgo

There ya go! Don't worry, I'll follow up with some cute pics of the boys. =)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oregon Ducks

So Auntie Nicole got the boys these cute shirts and ever since we put them on this morning they have been pointing at the duck on Jack's shirt saying quack quack all day, haha, it's hilarious!

They also got a new trike and they were so much help putting it together! They're such men, they love to help daddy when he gets his tools out.

I love my boys, having twins is such a joy. I was in line at Wal-Mart one time and this lady behind me goes, "You have twins?" I said yes and she's all, "Oh I feel SO sorry for you!" I couldn't believe it! First off, it took me 15 months to get pregnant and second off, twins are so much fun! The first year was awful, tiring, and really a complete blur but now it is so fun having two little boys running around playing together. Watching them interact is so entertaining! I love them, yes, but Parker's mom is taking them to her house from Thursday-Sunday this week and we are SO excited! I think it is so healthy for them to go stay at other people's houses and Parker and I cannot wait for some time alone! They will be spoiled rotten the whole time and probably not want to come home! I'll probably cry when they leave, but then the next morning as I'm laying in bed at 10am...I'll be ok. =) I'll have my mother in law take pics of her weekend with them so I can post them.