Sunday, May 29, 2011

Graduation and Great Wolf Lodge

We've continued to have tons of fun with my parents here! Wednesday evening Jackson and Josh had their preschool graduation. It was too cute. I have been so happy with the preschool I chose for them. I have no complaints. The graduation program was well done as well.

Here's Jack walking in the "processional"... Josh walking in...

Their whole class. Notice how Jackson (back middle) is frowning and Josh (front right) is smiling? That's very indicative of how their program went. They sang a ton of songs and Josh sang his little heart out smiling from ear to ear the entire time. Jackson would NOT sing! He stood there, stone faced, the entire time. I was disappointed, but that's just how he is sometimes. If he doesn't want to do something, good luck making him. Josh was so stinkin cute though, it made up for it... They had a reception after with some food and the boys got to run around and play with their friends...Thursday morning they had a preschool picnic that Parker and I took the kids to so they could run around and have one last time with all their school friends. After that we came home and got packed. Parker and Tyce headed to the aiport to go to Utah and my parents, the twins, and I headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. I will do a separate post about Parker's time in Utah but, suffice it to say, Tyce is having a BLAST there being spoiled by grandma, grandpa, his aunts, and uncles and playing with his cousins Cole and Kate.

They had all been to Great Wolf Lodge before but it was my first time. It is SO great! I was very impressed with it...My parents upgraded our room to the "Kids Cabin." They LOVED sleeping in here...I bought them goggles before we left, best $10 I ever spent. They loved them and wore them the entire time...After 5 hours of swimming on Thursday we went to IHOP at 10pm for dinner. They were SO tired! Josh fell asleep after a few bites...Tired Jackson=fits. He was devastated because he didn't get the same exact kids menu as Josh. He was exhausted, we tried to be patient with him. He cheered up when his food came and ate a ton!When we got back to the hotel they were asleep right away...Friday morning we had breakfast at the hotel, then headed back to the waterpark! They played for 9 hours, only stopping for lunch...Around 4 they opened up the outside part. We were excited because we could lounge on the chairs while they played!We finally left the waterpark around 8pm, showered, grabbed some dinner, and headed home. Everyone was so tired! Saturday we were lazy all morning, then went to Dulles Town Center in the afternoon/evening. My dad watched the boys while my mom and I shopped for swim suits!

The twins have spent a lot of time wrestling with grandpa. Anyone that knows my dad knows that's one of the things he's famous for! Saturday morning he had them cracking up laughing just by playing with "stinky socks"...This was obviously before Tyce and Parker left for Utah but I got this off my dad's camera and thought it was too cute to not add. Grandma has spent lots of times reading stories and playing games with the boys...Again, out of order, but this is Joshy and I at the Bounce House...

It's been wonderful having them here. My kids adore them and it's so nice to have the company and the help. They fly home tomorrow morning, we will all miss them so much. Luckily we're going to Utah and Oregon in July, something to look forward to. Parker and Tyce come home Tuesday night. I miss them so much! Anyways, sorry for all the pics but we were busy and I want to remember it! Thanks mom and dad for a FANTASTIC week!!! Love you both!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Are Here!

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE having visitors? :) My parents flew in Thursday night and we've already had so much fun I decided to blog now, then again later when they leave.

Friday the boys had their preschool "birthday party" since they're the only ones that have summer birthdays in their class we had a pretend party for them in their classroom. My mom made cute and YUMMY number 5 sugar cookies and their class got to frost them and eat them. They all seemed to enjoy it...

Grandma made Tyce a T to frost. He mostly just licked the frosting off...There are two girls in their class but they were both gone that day...After that we went to the Bounce House, to a park, then on a bike ride. Needless to say, they were tired that night! My mom brought her VHS Lion King, which my boys LOVE! I can't wait until it comes back out so we can buy a copy. Here they are cuddling on the couch together watching it...Saturday we went mini golfing...Then we had a water balloon fight!Grandpa filling up the balloons...Grandpa seemed to be their main target...Cute Joshy running away from daddy...We woke Tyce up from his nap so he could join in on the fun...Jackson riding his bike through the sprinkler...Josh riding his scooter through the sprinkler...Tyce loved being outside in the warm weather...Taking a break for popsicles...It's so fun having my parents here! Constant entertainment for the kids and constant company for me! Tonight they went to DC where they will be staying until Wednesday night to do sight seeing stuff. The two GOOD things about them being gone? I'll stop eating like crazy and we can get some rest! Parker and I have been up until midnight every night since they got here playing games and talking with them. But we're looking forward to them coming back. Jackson and Josh have their graduation Wednesday, then Thursday we're going to Great Wolf Lodge! More to come!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The other day I asked Jackson and Josh what it means to be a twin. Josh said, "it means to be best friends!" It melted my heart. I hope they are always best friends!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Father Son Campout

Friday night was our ward's father/son campout. Parker took off work a little early so they could head up there. Jackson and Josh have been SO looking forward to this. Actually, so has Parker. He took them shopping to get camping supplies and they each picked out a new sleeping bag. I had to get a picture of them before they left...Campfire with Josh "Billy"...Stick fights...Apparently one kid fell in the river, I'm surprised/grateful it wasn't one of mine...Josh's mouth stuffed full of marshmallows...Parker said they were SO tired when they finally got into the tent around 11pm, but they still really wanted to play a game so they played Trouble...Jack eating breakfast...Cute guys with their friend Yoshi...When they came home they were SO stinky and exhausted. We got them in the tub, let them play at the park while I got them registered for kindergarten, then they crashed during quiet time...
Sounds like they had tons of fun with their daddy. Parker is so lucky to have three sons to do stuff like this with. Jackson, Josh, and Tyce are so lucky they have a daddy who loves to do this stuff with them. Now if only I had a little GIRL to do GIRL stuff with. Guess I better learn to love camping! :)