Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mom Morrill Part 3...

Saturday afternoon Parker and I headed down to Richmond (about two hours south) to see the play Wicked! My parents gave us tickets for Christmas along with a gift card for dinner and a hotel! We have been super excited and it worked out great that Michelle could come watch the boys overnight! We loved the play and are now listening to the sound track all the time.

Here we are outside the theater, we wanted the Wicked sign in the background but turns out the guy we asked to take the picture was slightly drunk, haha, who gets drunk for a play, really? By the way, I'm not really that fat my coat just makes me look wide...hahaha... So here's the sign...
Haha, our attempt at a cute picture of the two of us before the play started...We had a wonderful night. The hotel was really nice and we even treated ourselves to room service for breakfast! Overpriced, yes, but so convenient! THANK YOU mom and dad for everything!
Don't worry, the boys didn't miss us at all. They had so much fun with grandma. They had a camp out in the basement, made cookies, and got lots of little surprises. One of which was water guns! When we pulled up they were outside playing...
I did miss happy little Tyce...

Thanks mom for coming to see us, it meant so much to all of us. The boys keep asking when you're coming back! WE LOVE YOU!!!

But we won't be lonely for too long, a friend of Parker's is coming to stay this week then in 2 weeks NICOLE IS COMING FOR A WEEK! Yay! Then I get to go to Utah for Lindsay's graduation! So much to look forward to! =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mom Morrill Part 2...

Saturday morning we headed downtown to see the cherry blossoms. In 1912 Japan gave the United States 3,000 cherry trees and they are planted all along the Potomac river in downtown DC. They're having a big festival this week as the trees bloom. Not all of them were blooming yet but it was still really pretty!

Here we are after finding a GREAT parking spot (nevermind that I had to have Parker parallel park it for me, haha)... They're prettier in real life, but you get the idea...
Joshy and Grandma, I love when Josh walks with his hands in his pockets...Tycee was an angel in his stroller the whole time...They had a little "Family Fun" tent where the kids could paint their own cherry blossom trees...Grandma and her boys...An attempt at a cute family picture...Mommy and her boy...Parker and I at the Jefferson Memorial...Another attempt at a family picture...Parker and his mom, so cute...The boys were exhausted on the way home...Grandma and Tyce laughing...

It was fun to spend some time downtown. The weather was pretty nice and it wasn't too crowded. After we got back, Parker and I got packed to head down to Richmond for WICKED! Stay tuned for part 3...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mom Morrill Part 1...

So Michelle just left, Parker and the twins are taking her to the airport. The four days went by WAY too fast and I wish she could've stayed longer. Looking through the pictures we took I decided to do this post in three parts so as not to have a picture overload. SO...here's part 1...

Grandma and Grandpa Morrill got the boys cowboy hats to complete their cowboy ensemble (although they still want "elasta ropes" which are lassos by the way). They were SO excited! Josh put his on at the airport right after Michelle had given them to them and then when we were walking out to the car it was super windy and Josh's hat flew off him went all the way across the parking lot and got ran over by a bus! Hahaha, it was hilarious and sad. Surprisingly though, it held up pretty well!

Here are the cowboys getting ready to go to the mall, yes we got a million stares, smiles, laughs, and compliments...Grandma and her cowboys...Riding their horses...Grandma also bought Tycee the cutest little hat at H&M...cute little poser!!!Cute guy in the tub...Grandma and Tyce, needless to say, they got along great...
Alright well that was day 1 of our time with mom. Tomorrow I'll post about our trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms...stay tuned!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Breakfast Conversation Ever...

Usually the boys eat breakfast on their TV trays while watching cartoons (bad habit I know, but it allows me to get a lot done and to feed Tyce). Anyways, this morning we had waffles, eggs, and fruit so we ate at the table together. I'm so glad we did. It was such a special breakfast conversation. Kinda long, but so worth reading...

It started out with Jackson asking a simple question:

Jack: "Mommy, how did you get Tyce out of your tummy?"
Me: "They cut me open with a knife on my tummy (showed him my scar) and they pulled him out, just like they did with you and Josh!" Now I know this isn't entirely true but I didn't think they were old enough for the whole vaginal delivery discussion.
Jack: "Were you so brave Mommy?"
Me: "Yes, I was because daddy was there holding my hand the whole time."
Jack: "I'm SO glad you have daddy to make you brave."

We then talked for about 10 more minutes about the blood and Jackson was SO concerned about the blood getting on the hospital towels and how they washed all the blood out, haha, my precious, curious, OCD boy.

I then asked them where they lived before they came into mommy's tummy...

Jack: "HEAVEN! And Jesus was there too!"
Me: "You're right, and who else lived there?"
Josh: "Did Aiden live there mommy?"
Me: "Yes he did, all your friends did!"
Josh: "Even Emma, Addison, Katie, and Becky?"
Me: "Yes honey."
Josh: "Heavenly Father put ALL my friends up there with me so I wouldn't be scared up there without my mommy and daddy."

So here I start to get tears in my eyes but then he says he has to go potty, so I think, ok moment is over...

Then I hear him, sitting on the pot, singing at the top of his lungs the song, "A Child's Prayer." For those who don't know that song, or even for those who do, here are the lyrics...

Heavenly Father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer every child's prayer?
Some say that heaven is far away
But I feel it close around me as I pray.

Heavenly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago
Suffer the children, to come to me
Father in prayer I'm coming now to thee.

He knew every single word (which I had never heard him sing this song before) and was singing it so precious and meaningful. The spirit was so strong for those few minutes in our home. I am so grateful for these experiences. At times when I am feeling perhaps a bit distant from my Heavenly Father, my little 3 year old brings me back. I am so grateful for my knowledge of Heaven, prayer, and eternal families. I love my little boys so much and know they were sent to me for a reason.

Now my precious, spiritual, perfect little angels are chucking balls at the blinds while Tyce laughs, haha. I guess the moment has definitely passed, but I will keep it in my heart.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coloring and Dragging...

Weird title, I know. I'm not feeling very creative today. We are stuck inside today (despite the beautiful weather) because I tripped going up the stairs and really hurt my leg. I can barely walk. So the boys have been coloring a lot. Josh is really working on staying in the lines so he can be ready for preschool in the fall. It's so cute. He is so proud and takes so long working on his pages.

Here's his "spiderman" which is actually his first drawing that's ever resembled anything... Here he is showing off his Winnie the Pooh coloring...What was Jackson doing? Well, he says he doesn't want to learn to color in the lines because he doesn't want to go to preschool because "it takes for too long." So he's been playing with Tyce. He loves to drag Tyce all around the house. He can't carry him so this is how he moves Tyce to where he wants him...

It cracks me up. Tyce loves it, he loves any interaction with his brothers!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daddy, Chopsticks, and Flowers...

Parker is home!!! YAY!!! I hate being away from him, we just love time together and have such a hard time being apart. The boys are super excited to have him back as well. Tonight we got Panda because I was exhausted (4 hours of sleep last night, thank you Tyce). Joshy learned how to use chop sticks! I was so proud of him. It didn't take him long at all and he was SO determined! Eventually he goes, "Mommy I am just SO hungry I think I'll just poke my chicken with my fork." Haha.

Here he is first trying... Success!Jack says, "take a picture of me with my cookie!" Haha, blurry but cute...In Sunbeams Jackson made Daddy and flower that he has been SO excited to give to him...
Well the boys are down now it's time for 24 with my honey!!! Yay!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jackson My Drama Queen...

Josh said something funny the other day that got me thinking, I really should post about how incredibly dramatic and OCD Jackson is. We were leaving to go on a walk and Jackson's shoelace was starting to come untied. He asked me to tie it tighter. Josh goes..."Ya mommy, you better tie it or Jack will GO TO PIECES!" Hahahaha, if you know Jackson and me, that is exactly what I say to him about a hundred times a day.

Jackson is so so so dramatic and OCD about so many small simple things. As a mom, it is very hard to deal with. I never know what little things will set him off on his fits. And by fit I mean literally rolling on the ground crying. Here are some things that set him off...

*His blanket that he puts his TV tray on for breakfast must be perfectly lined up with the squares on the rug.

*His drink must be filled all the way to the top of the cup.

*His spoon for his cereal MUST be orange.

*He cannot STAND having a booger in his nose and will *go to pieces* until it's out.

*He must be perfectly lined up with his place mat at the dinner table.

*His shoes have to be tied a certain way, a way that Parker and I still haven't been able to figure out.

*Pretty much every day he cries on the way to the gym because he can't get his seat belt buckled right away.

*If he is having trouble getting his food on his spoon or fork, watch out.

*His muffins/rolls have to be cut and buttered a certain way (Parker's family can attest to this one, for the 3 weeks we lived with them they probably saw Jackson cry about this issue 10 times).

*If he is building something and it falls down, oh gosh, end of the world.

*If I accidentally flush the toilet after wiping his bum, he will go to pieces, he loves to flush the toilet.

*If he has even a DROP of water somewhere on his clothes he has to change everything immediately.

*You have to wrap his towel around him a certain way after his tubs.

*Every day when we get the mail he asks for some for "his friend Gobby." That's his imaginary friend. He likes a certain type of coupon pages and if I give him anything different...he'll cry for about 15 minutes.

I'm sure there's many more, but this will give us plenty to blackmail Jackson with when he gets older. =) I love him so much and he can be so sweet and sensitive. I guess along with the good emotion comes the difficult emotion.

The poor guy is still so sick with the stomach flu, he's asleep on the couch right now and Josh is so bored because he's used to always having Jackson to play with! I better go play with him and get off the computer!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Camp Out with Daddy...in the Basement!

The boys have been begging lately to go camping, I think they're having withdrawls from living in Neola last summer(which was little boy heaven!). Parker had the great idea of having a campout downstairs in the basement tonight! We borrowed a tent from our good friends and now they are all down there having fun! I was in charge of dinner, dishes, and Tyceroo but now that all that is done...I'm a free woman tonight! But I keep popping my head down there to take pictures and hear the cute things they say.

Earlier this afternoon I was in the other room and I hear the boys getting grocery sacks out of the cupboard and putting stuff in them. I was annoyed, more messes for me to clean up, but just ignored them. A little bit later I walk into the kitchen to see this.... They had gone "grocery shopping" all over the house to get things for their campout. It was so cute. It's funny because whenever Parker would take them camping over the summer they would always go to the grocery store first and get hot dogs, drinks, etc so they were totally copying that. It was also funny how they put their "groceries" exactly where I put mine when I go to the store, haha. They collected movies, toys, stuffed animals, treats, you name it. They were also really excited to eat their valentine's marshmallows my parents gave them in the tent.

Ok so I can't get these pictures to move to the bottom SO, you'll have to look at a few pics of Tyce before the camping story can continue, sorry!

Tyce is teething and is very very fussy. But, I did manage to get some smiles out of him (why his nose is orange is beyond me)...
Roasting marshmallows, Jack was bummed they didn't actually roast-dang gas fireplaces! Haha... Here they are "helping" daddy set up the tent...Here they all are in their tent, watching Ice Age...The camping crew, with their marshmallows and strawberry milk (Dr. Pepper for Parker)...Joshy and his flashlight, he told me this elaborate story about how he saw a bear, and "grrrr'd" at it and it "grrr'd" back so he ran inside, got his red bat, and HIT him with it, then he left...Jack and his marshmallows...
The boys are so lucky to have such a fun daddy. He leaves next week for the "Manly Man Retreat" (aka my dad and two brothers in law). They are going to Idaho to go snow skiing for 5 days. We'll miss him so much but know that he will have lots of fun!