Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weight Watchers Week 5

Results of Week 5:

Weight Lost: 1 pound
Total Weight Lost:  12.5 pounds

Slowly but surely...

Sunday, May 27, 2012


If you know me at all you know that one of my favorite places to be is in the water.  Probably because I spent 13 years swimming competitively, I feel so at home in the water.  Our neighborhood pool opened on Saturday and we were all super excited to go play!  It was 90 degrees so it was a great way to beat this miserable humid heat. 

They all got new swimming suits this year...

The twins are really comfortable in the water now, even in the deep end.  They still need to work on their big arms that they learned last year but they can hold their own while they play which is great.  Tyce was a huge wuss last year but he did great yesterday, floating around in the ring but himself and also jumping in by himself.  I think this will be a fun summer at the pool!!!  Here's to fun in the water, happy kids, tan Jenn, and sleepy kids for bedtime!  :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Jackson and Josh have been SO excited to go see the movie The Avengers with Parker.  They are so into superheros that it was the perfect movie for them.  Before they left I grabbed a picture of them, I love how they copy Parker with the backwards hat...
 Tyce came downstairs and wanted to join in the picture, I love it, I have such handsome men in my home!

Now they're eating lunch and then we're OFF TO THE POOL!!!  YAY!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Class Pictures

The twins came home with their class pictures today and I thought I'd put them on here so I have a copy in my blog book.  It reminds me of my kindergarten picture from California when I was the only blonde/light brown hair kid in the class.  Jackson and Josh sure stick out, but mostly because they are SO STINKIN CUTE!  I can't believe their kindergarten year is coming to a close already...

Jackson is in the back row second from the right.  Josh is in the third row third from the right...

 These are the individual ones that they take and send home, then try to get you to buy.  I'm not sure if I will buy these or not, they don't wow me...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weight Watchers Week 4

Results of Week 4:

Weight Lost: 3 pounds
Total Weight Lost:  11.5 pounds

I'm happy with how this week went, I feel good about my progress but it's also frustrating to see how far I still have to go.  22 pounds more would be nice, 32 would be ideal.  But if I can average 11 pounds a month then I'll have reached my goal in two to three more months!  I really like this program, it is so do-able.  I have definitely changed my eating habits, but I am not "dieting" or starving or depriving myself.  For example, I used to go to Wendy's and get their 10 piece chicken nuggets with ranch to dip.  Holy calories!  Now I get the 5 piece and either no dip or honey, and a side salad.  So I still am able to get the chicken nuggets (they're one of my fav fast food things) but I am able to do it a little smarter.  Don't get me wrong, it's not easy!  It's hard when I'm out and about and see people eating, or smell restaurants, or see the candy aisle at the grocery store (my favorite aisle).  But I love the mantra, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.  SO true.  There are very few things that I've decided are worth the huge number of points.  However, two splurges that I never regret are Quiznos sandwhiches and Coldstone ice cream.  I save up my points and have no regrets  :)  Here's to another week!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Creative Perfectionist Jackson

Jackson checked out a cute book from the library called Too Many Toys  and at the end the kid in the book makes a rocket ship out of a box.  Jackson decided he wanted to make one as well, so Sunday after church he got to work.  Since I was taking care of sick Joshy Parker was on his own to help Jack.  Now, if you know Jack at all you may know that he is quite the perfectionist and can literally go to pieces if something goes wrong with something he is making.  Patient Parker explained to Jack that the one in the book was make believe, someone just drew it, so his may not look exactly like that one.  That was hard for Jackson to accept but, surprisingly, he did!  He worked so hard to make it as similar as he could to the book and...I think...he had no fits about it!  Maybe he's growing up a little bit...

Here is he so proud of his rocket ship.  He asked me if he could hold the book up so "everyone on your blog can see that it looks almost exactly like the one in the book." 

Here are the aliens and planets he drew...

I love Jackson so much.  I love his creativity, patience, and desire to make things just right.  His teacher at school says he's always the last one to finish his work, not because he's slow or not smart, but because he always wants to do his best and have it look perfect.  I hope we can steer his perfectionism (is that a word?) or desire for perfection in a way that he will feel good about himself and accomplish great things. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jackson the Artist

Last night we went to the Manassas Park School District art show to see Jackson's "cowboy turtle" on display!  He was so proud when he came home from school with the piece of paper saying his art piece was chosen to be on display at the art show. 

Weight Watchers Week 3

Results of Week 3:

Weight Lost: 0 pounds
Total Weight Lost:  8.5 pounds

Am I disappointed?  No I'm relieved!  Haha, with mother's day and what not I went over my points for the week and I also made oatmeal cookies (my fav) and have been snacking on those.  I am glad I didn't gain weight!  I am a little disappointed in myself though for not having more control.  But this week is a new week and I have a feeling it's going to be a good one!  :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Yesterday I had a nice relaxing Mother's Day.  I woke up to breakfast in bed, adorable home made gifts from my boys, and them singing to me. 

Church was nice, the talks were really good (at least as much as I heard, Josh was driving me crazy).  The twins sang with the primary and that brought tears to my eyes.  Relief Society was great, we had a good lesson and CHEESECAKE instead of the usual plant!  I was really happy about that, the last thing I need as a mom is one more thing to take care of! 

After church I had a nap then laid in bed reading for an hour, it was so nice!  Parker made a yummy curry dinner, we put the kids down, then watched some of our shows.  It was a nice day!

Here are the questionaires the twins filled out about me...


In case you can't read it, it says:
How old is your mom?  21
What is your mom's favorite color?  Pink
What is your most favorite meal that your mom cooks?  Muffins
What do you like to do with your mom?  Play
What is your  mom's favorite thing to do?  Do dishes
What color eyes does your mom have?  Brown
What's your favorite thing about your mom?  Love


How old is your mom?  35
What is your mom's favorite color?  Pink
What is your most favorite meal that your mom cooks?  Makroni and Cheese
What do you like to do with your mom?  Play ball
What is your mom's favorite thing to do?  Play with me
What color of eyes does your mom have?  Browan
What's your favorite thing about your mom?  That she is pretty

SOOO sweet of Jack to say I'm pretty, melts my heart.  However, I am NOT 35!!  I like Josh's guess better, haha.  Anyways, it was sweet and I love being a mom to my boys!!

I also want to tell my mom and mother in law how much I love them.  Mother's Day is always hard because I want to be WITH my moms to celebrate them, tell them how much I love them, and hug them.  But, that is not in the cards right now so this will have to do... 


Friday, May 11, 2012


The boys are really enjoying t-ball.  They have about two games a week and one or two practices a week.  They are improving significantly in large part because every night they go out back with Parker and throw, catch, and hit.  Jackson's hitting has really improved, he's even hit a couple home runs!  He was so proud!  My friend Christi took some pics at the last game and emailed them to me...
 Tyce and Elsa play SO cute together...
 Could he be any cuter?  Love those dimples! 

We're about halfway through the season and the weather has been perfect to be outside, let's hope it continues!  It's fun to see them involved in a team sport where they have to learn patience, team work, and develop their own skills as well. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jackson and Josh

There are a few little stories I wanted to mention about Jackson and Josh.  I think I'll start off with the BAD and end with the GOOD.

Here is the note that Joshy brought home with him from school yesterday...

In case you don't speak/read kindergartener, it says I squirted juice in Brandon's eye at lunch and I was playing too.  Josh has been getting in trouble at school more the last month or two than he has all year and I don't know why.  He has had to do multiple "think walks" and has gotten three notes sent home.  He loves to be silly and the kids he chooses to hang out with are even more silly.  I love that he has a sense of humor and likes to make people laugh, but he needs to learn there is a time and a place.  I don't really know what to do, maybe he'll outgrow it.  My mom tells me when I was in school I always did great in all areas except my teachers told my mom I talked too much, shocker huh?  Guess he gets it from me. 

In other news Jackson said something so cute and funny the other day while I was washing his hair..."Mommy, all the boys in my class like to play bad guys and fighting games at recess and those get us in trouble and then we have to do think walks (time outs). I like to choose the right so I can live in heaven with you forever so I play with Tiffany, Genesis, and Laura...we play restaurant and don't get in trouble. Girls choose the right."  Hahahaha, he said it so honestly and innocent...I LOVE IT!  He is quite the ladies man, girls seem to flock to him at school.  However, if you say that to him he gets VERY embarassed. 

Lastly, I wanted to share a cute story from this morning at the bus stop.  We waited for 15 minutes and the bus hadn't come yet, which was weird because it's always right on time.  Finally two buses showed up, not their regular one because they had had two buses break down so they were all doing different routes trying to pick up all the kids.  Josh was in the front of the line and got on the first bus along with about 10 other kids.  That bus filled up so the bus driver told all the other kids, including Jackson, to get on the other bus.  Jackson started bawling, he was genuinely so sad and scared.  He said, "mommy I don't want to go on the bus by myself.  I want to be with Josh."  I told him Josh's bus was full but he would see him at school.  That made him cry even harder so I said, fine, I'll just drive you to school.  We started to walk away and this 2nd grader, Jonathan, ran off Josh's bus and said "Jack, you can have my spot so you can be with your brother, I'll get on the other bus."  Jackson's face lit up and he got on the bus to sit by Josh.  It was so sweet of that kid to notice Jack was sad and to be so thoughtful.  I was surprised because every other time I see that kid he annoys the heck out of me.  In fact, right before the bus came he was trying to convince Jackson to step in dog poo!  But it was cute to see that side of him.  More so, however, I was struck by Jackson's reaction.  If you know my twins at all you know they are far from clingy with eachother.  In primary they don't sit by eachother, at school they don't sit by eachother, they don't play with eachother at recess, and they each have different groups of friends.  I've always known they were still best friends but to see Jack's reaction just melted my heart.  I am touched by his love for his brother.  When I talk to them about 1st grade and ask whether they want to be in the same class or different classes Jackson always says THE SAME!  Josh goes back and forth but usually says different.  I don't know what I'll end up doing, but I think I'll probably seperate them, which is so hard.  I love having twins and I feel like the older they get the less "twin" like they'll be.  Even the fact that I don't dress them the same anymore is kinda sad to me.  I just hope that they always have a special relationship regardless of their life circumstances.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's nothing like having twins...I feel so blessed.

Ok, I can't leave out Tyceroo.  He has been fun lately, and has been wanting to dress himself.  This is what happens 99% of the time...   
Hahaha, how uncomfortable does that look??  Cute lil bum though!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cell Phone Pics

I finally got a smart phone so I decided to put a few of my pics from my old cell phone on here so I'd have them in my blog book....

Tyce and I making cookies...
 The boys painting...
 "Surfing" on the metro...
 "Mom take a picture of me cuz I look cool with my hands in my pockets"...

 Tyce being silly..
 Jackson reading to Tyce...

LOVE this picture of Tyce... 
 Jackson, Brianna, and Josh being monkeys...
 Jackson got up to go potty one morning, then fell back asleep on the rug...
 Our friends invited us over to see their new chicks that had just hatched...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Father/Son Campout

Friday afternoon Parker and all the boys headed up to the ward father/son campout.  They have been counting down the days until Friday, they were all so excited.  Parker took a few pictures...

They got home Saturday morning and were all exhausted, dirty, and stinky.  Those are the signs of a good campout right?!  I'm glad they had fun, if we can find a cool weekend I might just join them for a family campout!