Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Boy Joshy

Josh seems to grow up a little more every day, and I don't like it. He is my sweetheart, he's mommy's boy, and I want him to stay that way forever. Today I was on the computer paying bills and he asked me to get his breakfast ready. I said I would in 5 minutes when I was done. I walk into the kitchen to find this...
He was so cute getting his breakfast ready himself. He didn't spill a drop and put both the cereal and milk away without me asking (he could teach his daddy a thing or two!) I know he's 4 and pouring his own cereal isn't all that uncommon but, it made me realize, he's growing up and needs me to do less for him. Why does that make me sad? For so long when the twins were babies I wanted them to grow up. Now here they are, growing up, and I'm devastated. I want to freeze time! I hope I can always find things to keep Josh and I close as he gets older. I love you so much Joshy! I hope you're always mommy's boy!

A few minutes after I posted this Jackson says to me, "mommy I want to stay little forever because I LOVE to play with toys." Haha, he read my mind! Yes Jack, please stay little forever!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Puzzle Mania!

Monday afternoon Parker took the twins shopping and they each picked out a book with puzzles from Barnes and Noble. I am surprised at how well they are doing with them! They're 50 piece jigsaw puzzle and pretty difficult! It's interesting to watch their different personalities come out while they work on them. Josh will sit down and work on it until he's done. He'll do it alone and, no matter how hard it is, he keeps at it (PARKER!) Jackson gets all excited to start it, then realizes how hard it is, begs for help, then watches while Parker, Josh, or I pretty much do the rest (JENN). Haha. It's also hard because Tyce likes to wreck the puzzles as soon as we finish them. Josh says, "sometimes it's hard to have a little brother mommy. I love him so much but I don't like when he ruins my puzzles!"

Here are some pics of them doing their puzzles today...

Nothing else too exciting is really going on out here. I am missing my family (what's new right?) but looking forward to going home in a few weeks. Jack and Josh still LOVE preschool, Parker is still super busy at work, Tyce is growing up like crazy and becoming so much more fun, and I am back on my diet!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day but my boys were excited about it so I tried to make it special for them. Yesterday we made heart sugar cookies and frosted them. Please don't ask me how many I've eaten. They are SO yummy!

Jackson only wanted to frost a few then he just wanted to do the sprinkles... Josh took a lot of time on his...
Then we gave them their Valentine's surprises early because Parker is working late tonight and he wanted to see them get their stuff... They each got a transformer/robot thing (I'm stil getting the hang of boys toys) which they absolutely LOVED...And they got a new movie...Grandma Morrill sent each of the boys a Valentine's Day card with $10 in it. Josh was SO excited. "That means I can buy TEN things at the dollar store!" Haha, smart boy. Jack was super excited about his card because on it it said, "grandson you are the coolest" so Jackson said, "Mommy does that mean that I'm KEWL?" He's really into what's "kewl" these days so good job on the card mom! Tycee was sure excited about all the candy...Playing with their transformers...Then they set up their Criss Cross Crash race tracks that they got for Christmas (but we just barely found cars for) and the transformers and Woody watched the races...This morning I woke up to this from my sweet husband...And this from my sweet Jackson (hidden in the jammie drawer)...And this from my sweet Josh (in the pants drawer)...And I got a sick baby from Tycee. Poor guy woke up burning up with a fever, cough, runny nose, you name it. How sad does he look???This morning the boys were SO excited to hand out their Valentines to their friends...After preschool Jackson showed me his favorite Valentine that he got from his friend Emily...

Now they're all eating lunch and then it's nap time for poor sick Tyce and the boys get to watch their new movie. Not sure what Parker and I will do tonight, he'll be home late so who knows. Maybe takeout and a movie? Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tyce is 18 Months!

I really can't believe my baby is 18 months old! He turned 18 months on January 31st and the best part is, he can go to nursery on Sunday! I'm sure Parker is very much looking forward to actually being able to GO to class and not hang out in the halls with a hungry, whiney, bored, tired Tyce.

Tyce has become such a fun little guy. He loves to play on the computer (when mommy says no), stand in front of the TV when his brothers are watching cartoons (which irritates them so much), and dump colored pencils and paperclips on the floor (after mommy has told him to put them away). He LOVES to read books and could probably do it all day. He is very smart and I'm amazed at how much he understands and remembers. He loves to play dinosaurs with his brothers and loves to play hide and seek with them as well. He isn't the best eater. He doesn't eat much, kinda picky, and won't let us put the tray on his high chair on anymore. He loves string cheese. He is still a GREAT sleeper! He loves his 2-3 hour naps every day and goes down so easily. He goes down at 7:30pm and sleeps till about 7:30am. I feel so blessed to finally have a good sleeper (the twins were not good sleepers until about age 4!). It is so fun to see his personality coming out. He tends to be a little dramatic (gosh I hope not as bad as Jackson) but is also very loving. He loves to give us each hugs and kisses. He also really loves our kitty, Brody. He could love on him all day! He does pretty well with strangers, he's shy for a few minutes then warms up. For now, he prefers mommy over daddy but definitely LOVES to play with daddy. From about 5:00pm on, every train he hears he says, "Da Da?" Too cute. I love my Tycee SO much and feel so lucky to be his mommy.