Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Sweetheart!

I can't say enough about the love of my life, but I want her to know how much she is loved and appreciated. She never gets enough credit for putting up with the 4 boys she has to live with (including the cat who has been annoying lately). We make a lot of messes and disrupt her life in a number of ways, but for some reason she sticks around and treats us so good.

She stands alone against the terrible twos, times two, when I leave the house. She is patient with my forgetfulness and high tolerance of disorder. She is the most thoughtful person I know of. One of her traits that I enjoy the most is that she takes great joy in doing nice things for her husband, friends, and family. She loves to see other people react joyfully to something she has done for them.

Jenn brightens the lives of everyone she meets. She is so fun to be around and makes everything better. Our boys adore her and love their mommy so much. They don't appreciate all she does for them right now, and it can be disheartening for Jenn at times when they love daddy just as much even though his effort on their behalf pales in comparison to hers. But I see how disturbed the boys suddenly become when mommy leaves. She's the constant in their lives and they couldn't live without her, nor could I.

I know this pic is a repost, but it's too appropriate for this post:)

I love you so much Jenn!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


4 things I like about my husband...
-He treats me like a princess
-He is an amazing daddy
-He is really fun to be around (especially when he opens up and lets himself loose)
-He is selfless

4 movies I'd watch more than once...
I actually hate watching movies more than once, because you already know exactly what's going to happen! I usually just fall asleep anyway!

4 shows I watch...
-The Office
-Law and Order, SVU
-So You Think You Can Dance

4 places I've been...
-New York

4 places I'd like to go...
-Japan (mostly cuz Parker loved it there)

4 people who email me regularly...
Well I must be a loser cuz not that many people email me REGULARLY, but here are my 4 most recent emails...
-My dad, he loves to send funny/"inappropriate" forwards, Haha!
-My grandma, she loves to correct my grammar on my blog
-My mother in law, she sends sweet emails every so often just to say hi
-Jackie, my sister in law, she only forwards me stuff when it's really funny which I appreciate!

4 things I like to eat...
-White chocolate
-Bread and butter (only at restaurants though)

4 things I'm looking forward to in the coming year...
-Parker graduating from law school
-Losing the weight that I lost LAST school year then gained back over the summer, arg!
-Finding out where we'll be living for the next couple years
-The boys learning to play more on their own and giving me some space! Does that ever happen?

4 people I tag...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week at Eagle Crest

So after the wedding my parents, Parker, the boys, and I all went to my parent's house in Eagle Crest (a resort in Central Oregon) for a week. It was a nice little vacation before school starts again and the boys just had a blast.

They loved swimming and playing in the spray ground...
They loved being spoiled by gramma and bampa...They had fun bowling...
They thought golfing was pretty cool, course they were more interested in the sand traps, water, and swinging their clubs around like bats, haha, but they were still cute...
We also went waterskiing Friday which was SO much fun! I think I'll have to do a seperate posting for that one, the boys were super cute-so stay tuned!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Congrats Jason and Lindsay Owen!!!

We drove 13 hours straight Tuesday and here we are in Oregon!!! We have had a lot of fun and it's been so fun with all the wedding stuff going on. Wednesday afternoon Lindsay went through the temple for the first time and received her endowments. It was really nice and I was glad I got to be there with her as she experienced that special, sacred, and spiritual event in her life. After that we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, YUMMY!!!

Here's my sis and me the night before the wedding!!

Thursday afternoon Lindsay and Jason were sealed in the Portland Temple for time and all eternity! The ceremony was beautiful and I am super excited to have Jason join our family. He is a very fun guy to be around and he treats Lindsay really well, they're very much in love and I'm so happy for them! Congrats to my little sis and my new brother in law!!! It was another record hot day in Portland so don't mind all the shiny faces in the pictures, haha...

After the wedding we had a delicious luncheon at Claim Jumper Restaurant with about 45 people then Dana and I went to Lindsay and Jason's hotel and decorated their honeymoon suite with some cute things and some dirty things =)

Friday evening was their reception at Illahee Country Club. Everything went great and it was so fun to see everyone!!!
Sorry for all the pics but it was a WAY fun week! Tomorrow we're heading out to my parent's house in Eagle Crest for a week so that'll be my next post!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well we've been having a lot of fun since we've been back to Utah. As much as it sucks that Parker is still in school, it's kinda nice because he gets this whole month off! That will never happen once he's working! We have gotten all unpacked and mostly organized and it just feels great to be back with family and friends. =)
My mother in law took the boys Monday-Thursday and sounds like they had a great time. I'll try to get some pics from her but, let me put it this way, they were NOT excited to see mommy or to come home, haha. I don't mind though, I love how much they love their Gamma Morrill and it was great for me to have a break! Parker surprised me and came home Monday night instead of Tuesday night so that was super exciting! He drove 30 hours in TWO days just to hurry home and be with me. =) We had fun being home alone without the boys and made the most of it. =)

Wednesday night we drove out to Roosevelt to get the boys and had a fun evening with Morrills. The boys rode Tegan's horse Sundance and LOVED it!

They had fun leading the horse too..."come on horsie, come on"...

Then we went up to the cabin and Josh had the time of his life throwing rocks in the river...

Saturday night we went up to Farmington to hang out with Parker's sister Jackie, Tyler, and baby Cole and we had a lot of fun. Jackson loved baby Cole and was so cute with him...

Guess who's getting baby hungry....

Sunday we went back to our ward for the first time all summer, it was great to be back among friendly faces. The boys wore their new church clothes...they look SO old to me now!!! They loved dressing "just like daddy."

Parker's grandma passed away a few months ago and Parker was lucky enough to get her piano. He has sweet memories of her teaching him how to play, writing the names of the keys on tape and putting them on the keys of the piano. However she did it she must've done a good job because my husband plays the piano BEAUTIFULLY! As I type, he is downstairs playing and I just love listening to him.

Well that's the latest! We leave Tuesday morning for Oregon for 2 weeks for my sister's wedding and for vacation so you probably won't hear from me for a while, but I'll have lots of pics when I get back, don't worry. =)