Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week with Grandma and Grandpa Morrill

Since Michelle and Tegan are here I stole mom's camera card and got all her cute pics from the week that they had Jackson and Josh. I won't comment much, since I wasn't there, but suffice it so say...THEY HAD FUN!

Grandma took them to the western store and they each got to pick out new cowboy shirts and boots. You can't see the boots very well, I'll take another pic and post it later. So cute...
They spent lots of time with the race track...Jack sliding down a huge snowhill in Strawberry on their way to Neola. Apparently he climbed to the top then was scared to come back down! Haha... Feeding the horses... Coloring giant coloring books... Cute cowboy Josh... Have you ever seen two cuter cowboys? They loved throwing rocks in the pond! Uncle Shane made this super cool fort in Grandma's room. Jack, Josh, and Cole all slept in it...Drinking hot chocolate and playing dinosaurs. Sounds like they had lots of fun with their cousin Cole. Here they are ROARING like dinosaurs... Auntie Jackie reading stories to the boys... Grandpa and Grandma made sure to set the trampoline up before they got there...Joshy pushing his newest cousin, baby Kate, in the swing...Look at those moves!They also got to ride on the 4 wheeler, in the snow, all bundled up! They enjoyed grandpa's bbq hamburgers too! I'm so glad they were able to spend some time with their cousins, aunts, uncle, and grandparents. It's so hard living far away from family so we're grateful for weeks like this! Thanks for having them mom!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week With Grandma and Grandpa Bybee

Tyce and I are home! Yesterday was a long day. Tyce and I got up at 7am and my grandparents drove us to the airport. We flew to Denver and Tyce was an angel (thank you Denise for the DVD players!). We land in Denver and find out that our 2 hour layover had turned into a 5 hour layover due to high winds in Denver. I was devastated. Tyce was tired, not feeling well, and bored. I was exhausted and just wanted to get home. After calling my parents and complaining, I decided to make the best of it. We went to McDonalds and had lunch. Then I went upstairs to the third floor where there's just big open space and found another girl who was my age with a boy Tyce's age! She had a long delay too so we ended up spending the time together which was nice. Tyce was an angel the entire layover but went to pieces when we were in line to board. He was beyond tired. As soon as we sat down on the plane he fell asleep. He slept for half the flight then woke up but was pretty good. We were both very excited to see daddy when we landed. We went to bed about 3am and are all very tired. I am babysitting Leah and Sarah today so no nap for me oday but tomorrow, you bet I'll be napping with Tyce! The twins are in Utah with my mother in law right now, it's weird being home without them but I know they're having tons of fun.

Anyways, Tyce and I had a fantastic week spending time with my grandparents. Here are some pics from the week...

My handsome grandpa, Tyce, and I ready for church... My mom bought them each a dog puppet and she sure got her moneys worth! They were attached to them all week...
Double chin Tycee....My grandparents have this awesome marble tub with a huge mirror above it. My sisters, cousins, and I all have many memories in that tub. Tyce loved it!My grandpa loves his naps on the most comfy couch ever!Friday night my grandma took me out to dinner. It was so fun!Tyce and my grandpa became best of friends. It was really cute. He said, "bampa Bybee" SO well! He always wanted to know where grandpa was and loved running to him and having grandpa throw him in the air. It was so fun to watch their interaction. Grandma and I took Tyce to the carousel and the park. He looked like this the entire time on the carousel, saying "WOW!" HahahaGrandpa, Tyce, and Grandma before church...My beautiful grandparents...Sunday we celebrated Olivia's 7th birthday and my grandma's 76th birthday at my parent's house...The only pic I could get of my beautiful mom who hates her picture taken...Livi carrying her bday cake to the table...My grandpa had a poem my grandma wrote in the 80's framed for her, he also gave her a really nice picture of him...Cute guy...Monday night my good friends Karen and Katie came over, it was SO good to see them! We laughed all night. My grandpa took Tyce with him to his office which gave me some quiet time to chat with my friends. I also went out with my friend Nicole for ice cream. :)

It was a wonderful week! It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with my grandparents. I was thoroughly spoiled by delicious meals, thanks grandma! It was so hard to say goodbye to them, I cried all through security. Maybe that's why they didn't ask about the benadryl and other liquids I had in my backpack, haha. Highlights of the trip included teaching them how to delete calls from their caller ID, teaching my grandma the difference between a computer and a modem, teaching my grandma how to use ctrl+alt+del, listening to the news on volume 85 (I swear I'm deaf now), my grandpa always scooping one scoop of hot cereal out of his bowl no matter how much grandma gives him, and their crazy eating schedule of eating breakfast at 2pm and dinner at 9pm. Anyways, sorry this is so long but I want to remember this fun week! I love you grandma and grandpa!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week With Grandma and Grandpa Barraclough!

Well I decided to do a post now because when I get home I will have tons more pics so here's post #1! We flew into Oregon on Wednesday night. The kids were actually very good on the airplane, thank heaven! Jackson and Josh are staying with my parents and Tyce and I are staying with my grandparents. I will do a separate post with Tyce and I at my grandparents later. My niece, Olivia, who is almost 7 also came from Utah to stay with my parents for the week. The three of them have had SO much fun together!

They've really enjoyed doing a bead project. Jackson walked up to grandma telling her "a bead walked up my nose." Haha, luckily he could blow it out so she didn't have to take him into the doctor!
They had fun at the carousel and the park...Frosting St. Patrick Day cookies...The plan was for the twins to sleep downstairs and Livi to sleep upstairs but they ended up all wanting to sleep with Livi. It looks crowded but they are sure loving it!They went swimming...Loving grandma's big jacuzzi...Petting Baxter (unfortunately my favorite cat, Mocha, died a week ago)...Roasting marshmallows inside because it was raining outside...Jackson wouldn't eat a smore because it's so sticky but Joshy had no problem!They also went to a movie and each picked out a treat. Josh picked out Nerds and ended up spilling them all over the car, sorry dad!Then Tyce and I met up with them at Nelson Park...Best of friends, ready for church...Strawberry shortcake time!I think Josh had some cake with his whipped cream...My mom wouldn't take a pic with them, party pooper...

As you can tell, they've been thoroughly spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. They have loved this time with Livi and I'm so grateful for my parents for getting them together. One thing we hate about living out east is that our boys don't get time with cousins! I hope they'll always remember this fun week!

So Tyce and I are going back to Virginia and the twins are going to Utah to spend the week with Grandma and Grandpa Morrill and the weekend with Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Jason! I know they'll have tons of fun there but we'll miss them!

Posts to come: Tyce and I at my grandparents, the twins with Grandma and Grandpa Morrill, and the twins with Auntie Lindsay! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm a Lucky Mommy

Today during quiet time (Tyce naps and the twins watch a movie) I was upstairs reading in my room and I heard SO much noise downstairs. I was super annoyed because the boys know that this is QUIET time. I came downstairs ready to be mad at them and I walk into the basement to find this... Sweet Jackson had cleaned up the entire basement! It had been pretty messy for a couple days now and he put all the toys away, in the correct bins, without me asking, all by himself. Jack gets easily overwhelmed by "big jobs" and I was so surprised he did this on his own. Josh was so proud of him, "mommy Jack did this ALL by himself!"

I asked Jack to smile for the camera and Josh poked his head in at the last minute. And yes, that is how Josh ALWAYS looks! He is licking his nose 24/7...
Then Josh showed me on the main level how he had "organcised" all the toys that we keep in the family room...

I really am a lucky mom. I have such sweet thoughtful boys.