Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What the Morrill Fam Has Been Up To

Parker is done with school, YAY!!! Well, for the summer at least. But the good news is he only has ONE, yes ONE year left of school! We are getting very sick of being poor college students, and poor Parker is 28 and ready to be done PAYING for school and ready to start MAKING money! So it's fun to have him home, although he is still busy all day because he is working as a research assistant for a professor at BYU but it's not as bad as when he was in school!

Jackson had his surgery this morning to put tubes in both his ears. He was SUCH a little angel! I couldn't believe it, he never ceases to amaze me. The whole way to the hospital he was saying, "happy jack happy jack." He was also very concerned about where Josh was, because he stayed home with daddy, they are so rarely apart I think it was hard for them! The surgery went well and Jack was his normal happy self about 2 hours after we got home. The doctors and nurses were so amazed by him! He really is a tough guy!

They have been having a fun time playing in the oven drawer...

Saturday night we took them to Chuck E Cheese! It was hilarious, I haven't been there since my cousin's birthday party like 15 years ago! It's still the same-ghetto, smells like feet, and the pizza leaves something to be desired-but the boys had fun! It was cheap entertainment because they aren't old enough to realize the toys could be MOVING, so we didn't have to buy tokens! We met my friend Melissa and her family there because they were in town from Vegas and it was SO good to see her! Of course as soon as we got there my camera died, arg, so I only got two pictures. I think Melissa got some though so if she got any good ones I'll post em. =)

Jack thought it was SO cool to hide his legs in his sweatshirt...

Lindsay and Jason came over the other night before we had had dinner and they dished themselves up big bowls of ice cream and ate it RIGHT in front of the boys! It was pure torture for the boys who couldn't have any until after dinner! However, I think Jason was sneaking them bites when I wasn't looking...

So on Sunday we all laid down for a much needed nap about 1:30. I kinda heard the boys come into our room around 3:00 or so but I was SO tired so Parker got up with them. So I hear them leave our room but then I am in and out of sleep and I never hear them playing downstairs (which I always do). So I'm worried but too tired to get up and check, haha. So I had this HORRIBLE dream about Parker kidnapping the boys and trying to kill me! I woke up mad and worried so I ran downstairs and this is what I see...

SO cute! They had all fallen back asleep. Which brings me to my last point...JACKSON AND JOSH LOVE THEIR DADDY! Seriously, mommy is SO second in their eyes. All day and night they just want to be with daddy, no matter what. When I went into the post op room today to see Jack after his surgery the first thing he says is..."Daddy daddy!" I know they love me and I'm SO glad they love their daddy so much but, is it dumb that sometimes it makes me sad? He is such a good dad though, I don't blame them!

We leave for DC in three weeks!!! Yay!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Joshua Brent Morrill

Ok so it's Josh's turn in the spotlight!

My middle name comes from my grandpa Barraclough, who's name is Brent PETT Barraclough but my mommy and daddy didn't want to give me such a..."unique" middle name so they decided on Brent instead. I was 4 pounds when I was born and it was because of me that mommy had to have a c section. I was the bigger one at birth and for about 6 months after that but then I decided I wasn't all that interested in food so now I am much smaller than my brother! My height is in the 40% and my weight in the 3%!

When I came home from the hospital I had to be on oxygen for a couple weeks until my lungs developed more fully. It was hard because I didn't get held as much as my brother since I was hooked up to a cord all the time! When I was about 1 I got croup and almost had to be hospitalized. Luckily we lived in Oregon at the time and Grandma Barraclough knew to take me in right away, they did the treatment and I didn't have to be admitted! Other than that, I've really had it pretty easy!

My mommy and daddy love me because I absolutely love to talk 24/7. I walk around the house talking about everything I see or everything that is going on around me. I am talking very advanced for my age and I love to figure things out on my own. I am obsessed with my batman ball and really any other balls I find. I know the difference and can say basketball, football, and baseball. I love to watch sports with daddy and yell, "GO JAZZ" or "GO COUGARS!" I love to jump off anything and yell, "big jump" then "BOOM" as I fall to the ground. I also love to watch people and copy what they do or say. Mommy is always talking to daddy calling him "Parker" so now I call him Parker! Daddy always laughs when he hears me say, "Paaaarker!"

I can also be a punk though! I am the ring leader when it comes to the trouble that my brother and I get into. I love to crawl out of my crib, open the front door so the kitty gets out, draw on mommys wall, poop in the tub, pull out all the clothes out of the drawer, and throw my food on the floor. I also do not like to eat and would live off of a few crackers and bananas if I could!

So there's my Joshy, I love him so much-he brings so much joy to my life!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Shower Fun!

So yesterday we had a baby shower at my house for Jackie, Parker's sister. She's having her first baby in June and we thought it would be fun to get family and friends together for a little party. Everyone seemed to have a good time and here are some pictures from the day...

Here's the prego lady...don't worry, that's not her baby on her lap! Jackie has had a great pregnancy and looks SO cute!

How cute is my niece Abbi!? Her and Tegan (Parker's little sister) love to play together so she came to the shower too. She couldn't believe all the food on the table was "free" and she could have all she wanted! Haha, so precious.

Here are the Morrill girls! Jackie, Christine, me, Mom, and Tegan-aren't I lucky to have married into such a beautiful family!?

Here's my sister, her son Mason, and me. Dana was mad because she didn't have any make up on, but she still looks beautiful!

Christine and I can never seem to get a good picture together...this one isn't too bad...

Tegan, Livi, and Abbi-three cute girls!
Me and Mason...

Can you tell I love Livi?
Ok so this was the funniest thing ever...the boys all got kicked out when the shower started so they all went to hang out at Cabellas, which the twins LOVED! When they all walked in they looked like this...

It was quite the sight! Grandpa Morrill bought everyone camo shirts, the boys got camo overalls and pop guns (which they've been playing with ever since). Disclaimer: I am very anti hunting but love the look of camo!!!

Here's daddy and Josh...
Last but not least...Uncle Shane and Jackson...

It was a way fun day, and everyone had a good time. Congratulations Jackie!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What We've Been Up To...

Well we haven't done anything too exciting lately but here's a little update...

I am getting very VERY fed up with the boys climbing out of their cribs. Nap time and bed time are hour long ordeals now, and they used to be so easy! I am losing my patience! As I type I am going back and forth putting Josh (Jack's pretty good) back in his crib. It's been 40 mins so far and I've been in there about 25 times, no joke. My friend Becky has given me something to try that she swears by (of course her son is an angel). She says they are doing it for attention so when I go in there do not give them ANY sort of reaction-positive or negative. I cannot look at them or talk to them. She says it will get old and they will just stop doing it when they see that they don't get any attention from me because of it. It's going to be so hard but I'm willing to try anything. Of course, with twins, everything is double hard! So I'll keep everyone updated on how it works. If all else fails, I'm ready to lock them up! Ah!

On a happier note...we spent last weekend up in Logan with Grandma Morrill watching Auntie Christine (Parker's sister) play volleyball at Utah State. We love going to her games and cheering her on-she's only a freshman and she starts and is so awesome! Josh LOVES watching the ball go back and forth and gets so excited. It's also a good time to spend time with Grandma Morrill, who the boys just love!!!

The boys are SO into balloons lately, seeing them anywhere makes them so happy! Here Joshy was really excited-"TWO ballooos mommy!" That's how he says balloon, balloooo.

They also had their first bubble bath-well, their second I guess. Their first one was not a very good experience, they were too young and I put too many bubbles in so they were terrified, haha. But this time...they had a blast!

We've also had Uncle Shane (Parker's brother) over a lot lately which the boys LOVE! They love Uncle Shane because he spends his entire time here wrestling them, playing ball with them, and playing outside with them, what more could they want!? We'll miss him this summer...

So I was in the shower the other day and the boys locked themselves in our bathroom and this is what I came out to...

EVERY last one of Parker's ties were on the floor and they were trying them on. When I first opened the shower curtain Josh had Parker's shoes on and two ties on and he goes, "Daddy daddy!" It was precious!

So a month from tomorrow we leave for DC! I can't even believe it! I'm so excited! But first we have to get through finals. Parker has 2 down 2 to go. Next year at this time-he'll be GRADUATING! We are so excited for that day. =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jackson Blayne Morrill

So since Jackson and Josh are twins I decided it would be nice to dedicate a posting to each of them individually, since they always seemed to get lumped together. So today it's all about Jackson! Don't worry, Josh will get his turn in the spotlight also. I'm going to write it as if it were Jack talking, cuz, well, it's cuter. =)

My middle name comes from the Morrill side of the family, it's the same as my daddy's, my grandpa's, and my great grandpa! I was born 9 weeks early because I could not wait to come see my mommy and daddy! I was the first born and was only 3 pounds but now am in the 95% for my height and 40% for my weight! I am a good eater and am now much bigger than my brother.

I've had a rough first two years, I was in the hospital after I was born for 5 weeks before I could go home. Since then I have had a hernia removed, I broke my femur, and I had pneumonia. I am also scheduled for surgery end of April to get tubes put in my ears because I've had so many ear infections! I also had to go to physical therapy for about a year and do exercises with mommy at home because I would only turn my head to the right! I also got my mommy's genes and am very clumsy, I trip over everything in sight and am not very coordinated. Because of that, I usually have two or three big bruises on my forhead.

My mommy and daddy love me because I am the lover of the family. I love to give everyone hugs and kisses and I am very sensitive when mommy is having a hard day. I am very attached to my "la la," (soft burp rags) I carry it everywhere I go and have to have it when I fall asleep. I love to sleep and am always so tired at night when mommy puts me in my crib.

However, I can be kind of a punk, I am a bully to my brother sometimes because he finds all the cool toys and then I try to take them from him. I also don't really like to get in my car seat and I like to go stiff as a board when mommy is in a hurry and trying to get me in my seat. I also am very much of a morning person, I love to wake mommy up early but I am always so happy!

So that's my Jackson, I love him so much and feel so blessed he was sent to Parker and me. I love you Jack!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

HELP-My Twins Need Cages!!!

Ok so I love my boys as much as a mom can love a child but, still, my favorite part of the day is from about 2-4pm when they are NAPPING!!! During that two hours I get to shower, blog, clean, rest, do anything I want! They have always been so good at going down for naps too, I have loved it. UNTIL NOW!

Yesterday we put them down for a nap around 2:30 and I got in the shower. I asked Parker to go check on them after a while and he walked out of our room and found two little boys roaming the halls HAPPY as can be about getting out of their beds. Yep, they have figured out how to crawl in, out, and into eachother's cribs now so they spend hours doing that and won't go to sleep! The other day they didn't even finally fall asleep (in the same crib mind you) until like 5:30pm! I don't really care if they want to be in the same bed, it's kinda cute even, but they need to go to sleep!

I caught them in the act and had to take some pictures...

They finally gave up and fell asleep! How cute do they look though?

I don't know what to do, please help!? Does anybody have any suggestions for me? I have tried moving the furniture around so they're not by eachother or the changing table but they still manage to find a way in and out. Do I need to buy cages for my kids??? Haha!