Monday, January 20, 2014

Disney Cruise Part 4

Tyce looked forward every night to getting the schedule for the next day so we could plan what character we were going to see and when.  Goofy was one of the last ones he saw...

Our last dinner!  I think we were all pretty sad to leave Freddie and Helen...they were AWESOME servers and I loved the personalized service.  Michelle, Jackie, and I would all have loved to take them home with us to cook, serve, cut up the kids food, etc!  Unfortunately, they had to stay on the ship!  Helen told me how impressed she was with our children (in an African accent) "usually I see lots of kids at a table and think, oh my messes messes, but your kids...they were so good!  So clean!  No spills, not a lot of crumbs, no crying, such good manners!"  I'm not sure I'd say my kids are THAT perfect but, hey, she seemed to think so!!!  Maybe she was talking about Jackie's kids  :)
We made another stop at the souvenir shop...Tyce really wanted this hat...I said that I'm looking at how stinkin adorable he is in it I'm regretting it...oh well...
After the final show all the characters came out, I muscled my way in to the front of the line so Kate and Tyce could see her before bed time :)
 Pirate night!

Uncle Shane and Tyce, so cute...Shane was a great sport about sharing a room with the twins and dealing with 6 little kids all week.  We'll keep that in mind Shane when you have YOUR babies and OURS are older and easier.  :)
 Grandma and Josh...
The pirate show and fireworks!

 This was the boys' favorite towel animal...I'm not going to lie...I think it looks super creepy!
All week Jackie and I had promised the kids they'd get one "special night" where they could all stay up late together and watch cartoons...the final night they finally got to do it...

They all played so hard all day, went to bed late, and my kids don't really sleep in so when they WERE asleep they were DEAD asleep!!!  This was too cute to not take a picture of.  He belongs in a Disney brochure or something!

One last post to go, Michelle sent me some of her pics that I want to add!

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