Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Lindsay and I took a short trip to Oregon over the weekend. It was a much needed getaway! We both flew in Thursday afternoon, my parents picked us up from the airport, and then we had lunch in Portland. Once we got back to Salem we stopped at our elementary school and were able to walk around inside. It brought back SO many memories! I can't believe how little has changed! I think with the exception of new computers (no more green screened Apple 2 E's) everything else was the same! Then we stopped at Willamette Sparks Center, which is where I spent most of my life it seems. That's where my swim team practiced and as soon as I walked in I felt like I was 15 again walking in for practice. Then we came home and my mom made the best halibut EVER!!! Yet another thing I miss about Oregon, the amazing halibut.

Friday we went to La Hacienda, a yummy mexican restaurant, with our good family friends Tom and Myrna Marley. Tom never fails to make us laugh so it was an entertaining lunch, to say the least! Then my mom, sis, and I went downtown to do some shopping. After that we stopped by my grandparent's house and chatted for a couple hours. Around 9pm we decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner. My grandma has always HATED Olive Garden but that night, she loved it!
Saturday we were super lazy, watching family videos, resting, and playing games. For dinner we went to a yummy sandwhich place then came back and played games! Playing games with my grandparents is hands down one of my most favorite things to do. They are SO hilarious! It was so nice to be able to spend time with my wonderful grandparents...My adorable parents...
Linds and I with our favorite cat, Mocha. He's getting old and sick so this may be the last time we see him. Don't mind our greasy shiny faces, haha.

It was a great weekend of relaxing, being spoiled by my mom's delicious cooking, and lots of laughs with my family. I missed my boys and Parker a lot though. Being out there made me realize two things. First off, I really do love being a mom and wife and wouldn't trade it for all the sleeping in and alone time in the world. Second off, I really really want to move closer to family. For now though, I'll try to make the most of our time out here. I'll do another post on Parker's weekend with the kids later!


Lindsay said...

that was so fun. i miss home already!

Nicole said...


Nicole said...

Just kidding : )

LOVED seeing you two! PLEASE come home soon!!!!