Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sprinklers in March!

Yesterday afternoon the kids were all playing outside and were getting super hot and sweaty. Josh asked if they could play in the sprinklers! At first I wanted to say no because it's only March! Then I realized it was over 80 degrees! Crazy weather. Looks like we skipped Spring and are going right to Summer, YUCK! But, the kids had a blast...

(No Leah is not naked, she has flesh colored panties on)...They had so much fun and now they keep asking when the pool will be open! Haha, not for three more months guys!

In other news, Leah and Tyce have been super cute lately. They play make believe all day and it's hilarious. The other day Leah asked Tyce if he would marry her. Tyce didn't respond, haha. Then yesterday while they were pretending their goofy and mickey dolls were babies she said, "Tyce if you marry me we can have REAL babies!" Girls are SO funny!!! Traci and I have pretty much betrothed those two, hopefully it works out.

Lastly, we are counting down the days until Michelle, Tegan, and Jackie come visit next Friday!!! Yay!!!

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