Friday, March 30, 2012

Visitors Part 3

Monday I excused the twins from school and we headed up to Baltimore to the National Aquarium. The boys were really excited for the dolpin show and the sharks.

Here we are waiting for the dolphin show to start...

After the show we grabbed some lunch, it was funny because we were all done eating and Tyce was still just chowing down! I kept asking him if he was done, "no mommy my STILL EATING!"Cute Tycee ready to do a puppet show...Finding shells in the sand...The aquarium is on the Inner Harbor and it's such a beautiful setting...Grandma let them each pick out a souvenier from the gift shop. Jack chose this adorable penguin, Josh picked out a cute dolphin, and Tyce picked out this turtle with a baby turtle on his back...Running races outside...Looks like Jackson SCHOOLED pregnant Jackie! :)

After the aquarium we drove down to Alexandria to meet Parker and went out to dinner. Later that night Mom, Jackie, Tegan, and I all went to see Hunger Games! We loved it!

Tuesday I dropped them off at the airport which was really hard. I feel so blessed to have the in laws that I do. I love them so much and so wish they could be a part of our daily lives. When we got home Jackson walked into the basement, laid down on the guest bed, and with big tears in his eyes said "I wish they could stay forever." I guess we all feel that way. But thank you so much for coming mom, Jackie, and Tegan!!! And thanks to Jackie's wonderful husband Tyler for stepping up and taking care of the kids while she was gone. Lots of husbands wouldn't do that! Also thanks to Bart for letting his wife and daughter go, I know he missed them. :)

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Tyler, Jackie, Cole, and Kate! said...

Great job on the posts Jenn, I admire YOU in so many ways, especially how diligent you are about recording your family's history. It will be something you all treasure forever. Tell Jackson I want a rematch in about 6 months, and give them all kisses and hugs from me, I really miss them! Love you so much sis.