Sunday, May 24, 2015


Parker deserves Father of The Year Award for playing this game with Tyce!  It's the stupidest game PLUS you get to wear the cool train bib!  I always find a way to get out of it but Parker is such a sucker for his Tycee!  :)
Tyce got to play pitcher in his t-ball game and he was so excited..

So I went out for a girl's night and...well...suffice it to say they had a BOYS night!!!

Yep, those are my kids, covered in mud...

Tyce went to Sarah's preschool graduation with the Stathises.  So cute he wanted to go to support Sarah, he sure loves those girls!!
Tyce teaching Leah and Sarah how to play Monster Mash, an old time favorite for my family...
Sunday Tyce and Daddy made dinner for me...strawberry whip cream waffles, eggs, and bacon! Yum!

The twins got to go to Rebounderz with one of their best friends, Jordan...
The other day at Josh's soccer practice they had a scrimmage and Parker and Jackson got to join in...

Then we grabbed some dinner on our way home.  This kid is SUCH a carnivore!  He loves meat and sure did enjoy his wings!
The boys have decided they like this hairstyle...MOMMY is NOT a fan!!!


On daddy's phone watching silly videos...
Frequently snuggle time with daddy turns into giggle time with daddy, RIGHT before bedtime!  I remember my dad doing the same thing growing up, getting us all riled up right after mom had worked SO hard to get us calmed down for bed!  Must be a dad thing!

Parker and the boys left Friday for their annual Memorial Day campout!  They were super excited and I can't wait to hear all about it when they get back.  :)

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