Monday, June 15, 2015

Jackson and Josh Turn 9-Family Day!!!

Saturday was our family day to celebrate my TWINS!!! 
We all slept in and when I woke up they were in Josh's room playing with their new Legos...

Parker ran a 10k race in DC that morning and when he got home they opened their family gifts...

They were thoroughly spoiled by their awesome grandparents and great grandma Bybee!

Grandpa Morrill sent them each new camo sleeping bags and they were SO excited!  Tyce said, "I had REALLY hoped I would get something too!"  So cute!  It's hard watching BOTH your siblings open presents and be the only one left out  :(  Thanks Grandpa!

Time to build their new Lego sets!

After presents we had breakfast, treat cereal, donuts, scrambled eggs, strawberries, and OJ!  Happy boys!
After breakfast we went to the pool for a while then went bowling!!!

Jackson lost...can you tell?!?! 
After bowling we went to Tyce's t-ball game then headed to TACO BELL for dinner!  They got to choose the restaurant and I could NOT convince them of any other place!  So, Taco Bell it was...
Then we came home for ice cream cake!

More playing with Legos before bed...they were playing SO cute together with their make believe Lego city...

They all insisted on sleeping in their sleeping bags that night despite the fact that it was SO hot!  They were all sweaty but cozy as can be!  Grandpa Morrill needs to take them camping in Utah where it actually gets COOL at nights!! 
I loved spoiling my boys the past two days and making them feel so special, because they ARE!!

A little bit about Jackson: He is still doing Ninja Warrior at the rec center and loves it.  He will start tackle football in the fall which he is very much looking forward to.  He is very tall, skinny, and strong.  I feel like he gets taller every day!  His feet are now the same size as mine!!!  I'm interested to see his stats at his 9 year check up in a few weeks.  He is very active, loves to run, climb trees, and be outside.  He is very tough with pain and I would put my money on him winning a fight any day!  Jackson hates to lose (i.e. bowling picture above) and has still not learned to be a gracious loser OR winner, which is frustrating.  I dread family game night when Jack loses because he gets very upset. 

Jackson loves to eat and is not TOO picky!  He loves rice, turkey sandwiches, chicken, vanilla ice cream, milk (I swear that kid goes through a gallon a day!), roast, Nutri-grain bars, and Vanilla/Cinnamon Chex.  He does NOT like potatoes, French fries, pizza, or chocolate cake/ice cream.  His favorite treat is my homemade fudge with Chex Muddy Buddies being a close second. 

Jackson is very bright and does well in school.  He loves his STEM class and P.E.  One thing that he does not like about school is the GIRLS!  I've subbed his class and there are a few girls that have crushes on him (tall, blond hair, blue eyes are a rare commodity out here!) and Jackson does NOT like the attention!  He is totally repulsed by the idea of a girlfriend which cracks me up.  Jackson is a leader and can be quite bossy.  However, he is also sweet and sensitive (more so to me than anyone else).  The other day Parker and I got in a little argument (which is rare for us, especially in front of the kids) because I asked him to fix their hair before their party so I could get some cute pictures of them.  Parker, tired from a long day at work, told me they looked fine and he wouldn't do it.  I, tired from PLANNING the whole party, was frustrated.  I went downstairs upset and Jackson followed me, rubbed my back, hugged me, and kept telling me it's ok mommy, we can fix my hair together, it's ok mommy I love you.  He can sense when I am sad or hurt and I love that about him.  A few weeks ago Jackson got grounded because he showered but didn't use shampoo or soap (BOYS!) and lied about it.  When he got out I noticed he didn't smell fresh and clean (I have the nose of a bloodhound!).  When I asked him if he used soap he lied to me.  After a few minutes later he finally admitted that he a) didn't use soap or shampoo and b) lied to me.  I told him he was grounded the next day then told him he could read for 10 minutes until bedtime.  Usually I read with him or we talk about what he's read but this night I was upset so I didn't say anything to him, just peeked my head in and left.  When it was time for lights out I started to walk out of his room and he reached out to me, squeezed me SO tight, and apologized over and over for lying to me.  He couldn't handle me being mad at him and I saw genuine sorrow in his eyes.  Melted my heart.  He was an angel the next day for his grounding also.  Jackson falls asleep super fast at nights and is very much a morning person.  He is usually the first one in our family to wake up in the mornings.  During the week we don't have much time for TV so on the weekends he loves to watch TV.  He loves to watch Kick Buttowski, Lego Ninjago, Inspector Gadget, Teen Titans Go, American Ninja Warrior, and Amazing World of Gumball.  We also watch So You Think You Can Dance as a family which he loves. 


A little bit about Josh:  He is doing soccer this season instead of baseball.  He is probably equally good at each but right now is preferring soccer.  He is very smart on the field, has good endurance for running, and is improving every day.  Josh is usually more reserved and quiet but on the soccer field he really comes out of his shell and has SO much fun with his friends!  Sports is usually when I see Josh be the silliest and most outgoing.  He will do soccer again in the Fall.  He loves to be outside also, kicking the soccer ball, throwing a football, playing catch with daddy, or running around the neighborhood exploring.  Josh has a very easy going laid back personality which compliments his more high strung twin brother!  Josh will usually just let Jackson have his way because either he doesn't care or he feels it isn't worth the fight.  He loves playing family games but is totally fine losing, haha.  Sometimes I feel he lacks the DRIVE to play hard and win but sometimes in sports I see that spark, which is important. 

Josh is not a big eater.  He likes turkey sandwiches, tangerines, yogurt with granola, tacos, chicken, pork roast, corn on the cob, and maple brown sugar oatmeal.  He also loves meats!  He loves wings, steak, you name it!  He does NOT like potatoes, rice, French fries, or pizza.  Josh is my sweet tooth for sure!  He loves treats and will eat pretty much any treat.  His favorite is fudge and no bake cookies. 

Josh is also very smart, but he needs to be pushed and challenged.  He will not, on his own, go above and beyond.  Josh is a corner cutter and always figures out the fastest and easiest way to complete a task.  I feel like he is very mature for his age in his comprehension of situations and feelings.  I feel like I can have pretty deep conversations with him and he really gets it.  He is very loving to me and he and I have a very close relationship.  He is most talkative at nights, when he likes to tell Parker and I all about his day (because after school all he says is, it was fine!).  He is a night owl like his daddy and would like to go to bed late and sleep in late if his mommy would let him!  He is very sensitive to those in his classroom.  Josh is a mainstream kid in an "inclusion" class which is largely ESOL kids or special ed kids.  While I do not feel like he has been challenged much this year he has learned compassion, patience, and sensitivity.  He has some kids in his class that are difficult to manage and Josh is SO sweet with them.  One day I was subbing for Josh's class's assistant teacher and I saw him at recess, there was a boy Eric who would not come in from recess.  Josh ran all the way to the other side of the field and was like, "Eric, let's play a game!  You close your eyes and I will guide you to a magic place, but you can't peak and you have to go where I lead you!"  He then put his hands on Eric's shoulders and guided him all the way to the classroom.  He was so patient and smart with him, it melted my heart to see that side of him.  His teacher said she would not have survived this school year without Josh. 

I feel so blessed that Josh was sent to me.  He is my easiest child and his personality makes my life so much easier.  He is very very very rarely disobedient to me or Parker and is most definitely the peace maker in our family.  Jackson and Tyce have fought more in the last two years than Jackson and Josh have in nine years!  Josh is super fun to be around and has a really fun sense of humor.  His dimples make the girls swoon and he is SO handsome!  One day he came home from school with all this stuff from the school store.  He said, "mommy Ella gave me $40 to spend at the school store!  I only spent $25 and gave her the change.  I also gave Roberto and Kevin each $0.25"  I asked him why on earth Ella gave him so much money and he said, "I don't know, someone said it's cuz she likes me as more than a friend but I don't really know what that means.  I'm just happy cuz look at all the stuff I got!"  Hysterical! 


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