Monday, September 6, 2010

Girly Girl Retreat!

I'm home from my girl's retreat! We had SUCH a great time but it's good to be back. I flew in Sunday evening and we went to Salem and my mom made me a DELICIOUS halibut dinner for my birthday and then we packed up and drove to Eagle Crest! We spent Monday and Tuesday shopping in Bend because the weather wasn't very nice to be at the pool. I spent all my birthday money but got SO many cute clothes and shoes! My mom had some coupons and I saved about $180 in coupons and sales tax! I'm really excited.

Monday morning two of my best friends from high school happened to be in town so we all met for breakfast at The Original Pancake House! It was yummy food but even better company. I had SO much fun chatting with Lindsay and Jo and it was just like old times! My mom left Linds and I a box of See's Chocolates on our pillows at Eagle Crest, needless to say that after 11 weeks of our diet we were EXCITED!!!
Linds and my mom shoe shopping...Wednesday we laid out by the pool and relaxed and then met my dad for a yummy dinner...My cute mom...Thursday morning we went on a hike and then spent the day at the pool because the weather was finally SO warm! It was so wonderful just laying out and relaxing with my mom and my sister! We had lots of good laughs and really enjoyed our time together.
Friday we drove out to Utah for the BYU football game. We stopped in Boise and saw my grandpa, who is 90 and doing great! Here's him and my dad...Linds and I look awful but, look at my grandpa, hahaha...He cracks me up...Here we are at the BYU game...It was a great game and my cougars came out on top!All us girls at the end of the trip...Sunday I flew home and, even though we didn't get to bed until 4am and we're exhausted, I'm SO happy to be back! Parker had the house clean and the sheets washed which was so nice. Sounds like they had a great week and Parker will blog about it soon. I got the boys a surprise in Utah so they woke me up begging to see it. Here they are closing their eyes waiting for their surprise...I got them Toy Story and Mickey Mouse figurines. They were really excited...Tyce was so cute this morning when I went in to get him from his crib...

Thank you mom for a fantastic week and thank you Parker for taking care of our boys. Life is good!!!


Mikaela said...

wow, that threw me for a loop, when I saw that first pictured I was a little confused haha. looks like you guys had a great time!

Lindsay said...

uh i cant believe its over already! so much fun though. i wish i could have seen the boys open their surprises! and tycey in his crib! it will have to wait 2 more months =(