Monday, June 6, 2011

8 Year Anniversary!!!

Today is our 8 year anniversary! 8 years ago we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Portland temple. I loved him so much then, but never imagined how much that love could grow. Something I think has really helped our marriage be so strong is that Parker loves me the way I want to be loved, and I love him the way he wants to be loved. He lives to please me and I do the same. Probably my favorite thing about our marriage is how well we get along. We rarely fight and we have so much fun together. I love Parker's calming personality and his patience with me. I love how unselfish he is. I love how sweet he is. I love how he makes sure I know how much he loves me. I love how he makes me feel beautiful. I love that he chose me 8 years ago. I love you so much babe, and look forward to everything our future holds...together.

Friday night my dear friend Traci babysat the kids until 1am so we could go out and celebrate. We went to dinner in Alexandria... Then went to a movie...

Haha, Parker doesn't look like he's having much fun in these pictures but I promise he was! :) Happy Anniversary to my man!!!


Brent said...

Happy Anniversary, Parker & Jenn!! 8 years is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!! I like your comments about Parker, Jenn; He is definitely a Keeper. I am so glad you two found each other in that Walmart parking lot. What a romantic story!

Mikaela said...

Glad your dad mentioned Wal-mart, I will never forget you coming home and telling me you found the guy you were going to marry after giving me so much crap for "rushing it" with Dan. I'll remind you our anniversary isn't until August. . . ;op You guys are great together, and you look really good in your pictures. I am always so impressed how you make sure to get pictures of the two of you. Dan and I spent an entire weekend in a city we were probably moving to and he had never visited just the two of us and didn't even get the camera out. . .lame us. Congrats on eight years.