Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and father of my children!!! Parker is an amazing daddy in so many ways. Since he's been a dad for 5 years I decided to post the top five things I love about him as a dad:

#1: He is actively engaged in taking care of them. Whether it's diapers, feeding, bathing, cuddling, or disciplining Parker is very involved. He does not just expect me to do everything in that department because I am the mom.

#2: He loves to play with the boys. Parker loves to wrestle them, take them to the park to hit baseballs, throw a football to them, play games with them, swim with them, read to them, you name it and Parker does it. Even when he comes home from an exhausting work day, he manages to find the energy to play!

#3: Parker is patient with the boys. He is so slow to anger with the boys and quick to forgive. He is patient with Jackson and his many fits. He is patient with Tyce's whining. He is patient with Josh when he acts up (which is rare).

#4: Parker is a good example. I love that my boys have Parker to emulate. Like his own dad, Parker is a hard worker. Also like his own dad, Parker treats his wife with upmost respect and love. Also like his own dad, Parker is active in the church and is a worthy priesthood holder. I hope my boys can grow up to be like their daddy!

#5: Parker is full of love for his family. My boys have no reason to doubt their daddy's love for them. Parker is full of hugs and kisses for his boys. He is quick to compliment them and encourage them.

I look forward to when he's been a dad for 10 years because I have many more things to add to that list. I know Parker learned many of these qualities from his own dad, and for that I am so grateful. Happy Father's Day to you too Bart! I sure lucked out with Parker, an amazing husband AND daddy! We all love you daddy!!!!

I think Parker has had a pretty good day so far. We had church this morning... Then he came home to open his presents...(p.s. Jackson and Josh got these transformer costumes with the money they got from Grandma Bybee for their birthday, they haven't taken them off except to go to church)

Tyce decided he wanted to get in the pic...He got a new electric razor...And a new briefcase for work...After lunch I put Tyce down for a nap and Parker, Jack, and Josh watched Transformers 2 together. It was the first non cartoon movie they'd ever seen. It was long and Parker was worried they would get bored but it sounds like they loved it! Parker commented on how happy he was to finally have someone to watch movies like that with. :) He is so lucky to have boys! What more could a guy want right? :)I also want to say happy father's day to MY daddy!!!! He's been a dad for 30 years so I won't bore you with 30 reasons why he's amazing. Suffice it to say, he's everything I could ever want in a dad. I can't ever remember a time in my life where we weren't close. I can't ever remember a time in my life where I wasn't taken care of. I can't ever remember a time in my life where I didn't know he was there for me. My dad is hard working, loving, hilarious, strong in the gospel, outgoing, generous, patient, and did I mention fun to be around? I swear my friends when I lived at home came over more to hang out with my dad than with me. I love that whether I'm 7 and he's rescuing one of my stuffed animals from the garbage or 27 and needing a shoulder to cry on, my dad is there. I LOVE YOU DAD!!!

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Brent said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Daughter. I love you, too.