Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cell Phone Pics

Here are some cute pictures from my cell phone that I wanted to add to my blog.

Here they are ready to go to Leah's birthday party. They thought they looked pretty cool... On mornings where Parker is home the kids like to watch cartoons on daddy's IPAD. It's hilarious to hear a 2 year old say, "daddy can I play your IPAD?"

The other day I was in the office doing homework with Jackson and I came in to check on the other two and this is how I found them, too cute...They got their basketball jerseys last week and were super excited. Their first real game is this Friday, I'm sure I'll have lots more pics then...Last week when I was incredibly sick wonderful Traci took my kids and looks like they had fun in the snow...

Nothing super exciting going on here. A week from tomorrow we leave for McCall for a week with my whole family. We're looking forward to family time and snow, but not so much the travel getting out there! Why do we live on the wrong side of the country?? Haha, we'll survive the flights and have fun once we get there, can't wait to see everyone...especially my precious nephew Luke!!!

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Brent said...

What a handsome bunch of boys!! They are quite stylish in their sunglasses and spiked hair. Anxious to see you all in Idaho next week!!