Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morrill Family Fun Part 1

Thursday morning Michelle and Tegan came out to Provo to pick us up. It's always hard to leave your own family, but I really do love time with my in laws. The boys were all very excited to see grandma and Auntie Tegan and, surprisingly, stayed awake the whole drive out there!

We opened presents that night. The boys sure got spoiled! They love their new dress up stuff...

And the bow and arrows and nerf guns...Tycee got the Elefun game...Tyce LOVED grandma. He always wanted "grandma do it" and showered her with hugs and kisses all week...
Joshy was playing on the treadmill and it got going too fast and he slid off, on his face and shoulder. His face has since healed nicely but his shoulder still looks pretty bad...Friday we went ice skating! Joshy was a natural...Uncle Shane and Jackson, who was very determined and never once cried despite falling many times...Tyce HATED it, and was on the ice for about two minutes total...Cute Jack with Uncle Shane...Auntie Tegan was a natural...Adorable Joshy...Mommy and her boys. Those red things were my best friends on the ice, I rarely left them!Bart had never been ice skating and was VERY determined. Michelle was a natural! Bart says Parker gets his determination from him and his skill from his mom! Haha, but I can't make fun of Bart too much because he did better than me!The whole clan..."Mommy take a picture of me!"

After ice skating we went out to dinner and the boys got to pick out toys from the gift shop and toys from Walmart. Thanks grandpa and Uncle Shane!

Part 2: Coming Soon!!! :)

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