Saturday, August 11, 2012


After kindergarten was over Parker and I decided to split up the twins for first grade.  Not because we regretted having them in the same class in kindergarten, they did great, but because we just felt like that's what you do...split them up and let them "become their own individuals."  I felt fine with it and didn't give it much thought.  However, over the last month or so every time I thought it them being split up I felt sick inside.  I analyzed it, wondering if I was just being selfish.  Was I just thinking logistics?  Sure it would be easier for me to have them in the same class with the same teacher, same field trips, class projects, teacher conferences, etc.  I asked the twins what they wanted and seriously got a different answer each time.  Sometimes one would say together and the other would say separate and then the next day their answers would switch.  Bottom line, they didn't care.  About a week ago I decided I really needed to make a decision because they were probably starting to assign classes.  I called my mom to get her opinion.  She said she would talk to my dad and call me back.  I hung up with her and just got this overwhelming feeling that I needed to call the school and request they be in the same class.  I picked up the phone, called them, and put in my request.  Two minutes later they called back saying the principal ok'd it and they would be put in the same class for first grade.  I hung up feeling so relieved and content.  However, I then realized I had made that decision without talking to Parker first!  I felt a mixture of guilt and relief...guilt because I talk to Parker about everything (poor guy) and this involves our children so he should have a say as well!  However, I felt relief because for me to make this decision on my own made me realize that I must've really know that it was right and I needed to listen to my mother's instinct, which has been right a number of times.  That night I talked to Parker and he gave me such comfort and affirmation that I was right to follow my feelings and he was completely supportive and on board.  I don't know why the twins need to be in the same class, I may find out througout the school year or I may never really know.  What I do know is they are supposed to be together this year...and they will be. 

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