Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goodbye Cast!

Jackson got his cast off today!  I went to pick him up from school (my mom stayed home with Tyce, Leah, and Sarah) and when I walked into the school office he ran to me, gave me a huge hug, and said "Mommy you know what the best part about having a cast is?  Seeing you walk into the office to pick me up, all by yourself, just me and you.  The worst part is having to wear it."  So sweet.  He loved the time just him and me. 

Here he is waiting for the doctor (and, of course, reading-that kid loves to read)...

 No more cast!!!

 He was cleared to practice and play football, however, he has to wear the cast when he plays.

After the appointment we went across the street for donuts...

I loved my hour with just Jackson and am so proud of how tough he was through the last month or so.  He's always been so tough with physical pain and so sweet emotionally.  Here's to no more broken bones for this poor kid!  Two in six years is more than enough!!!

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