Friday, October 12, 2012

Josh's First Lost Tooth

Yesterday after school Jackson and Josh were playing/wrestling outside and Josh ran in telling me his loose tooth fell out!  It had been loose for a few months and he's been really excited for it to finally fall out. 

Here he is holding it up in the bag...

 There's the hole!
 Haha, he wrote the toothfairy a note (I want a prize please)...
He woke up to $2 from the toothfairy and was super excited!  Jackson told us he saw the toothfairy last night, he saw her legs, wings, and said she was pink.  Josh told me "I'm not sure the toothfairy is real mommy."  I asked him who he thought brought him the money.  He said "hmm...I don't know, someone else who has magic powers...maybe like Santa or something?"  Hahaha, I love the innocence and never want it to end.
My mom leaves today so another post soon to come about that!!!

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