Thursday, March 21, 2013


When looking through my blog it seems like I tend to post more on Jackson and Josh, which is crazy because Tyce is at such a stinkin cute age!!!'s all I want to remember about Tyce right now...
Tyce is SUCH a sweetie pie.  He is very loving and affectionate.  He probably hugs and kisses me 50 times a day.  He loves when Parker and I lay on either side of him and he puts one arm around each of us and squeezes so tight.  He is constantly telling me how much he loves me "up to the sky" or "up to the ceiling."  He is very sensitive to the feelings of others, especially his best friends Leah and Sarah.  Tyce is also super funny.  He has quite the sense of humor and is definitely going to be our family clown.  He loves to be silly and make people laugh.  He is also much more outgoing than his brothers, not being too shy to talk to strangers or people he doesn't know very well. 
Tyce has a really good memory, he remembers things from a long time ago and will randomly pray about things that happened months and months ago.  He also memorizes books really well.  I will read a book to him once or twice and he will have it memorized.  His favorite series is the Duck and Goose books, he is SO precious  reading them word for word.  He loves to read and has a good attention span.  He also loves to play games, especially Beattitudes, Zingo, and Hungry Hungry Hippos.  He loves to do puzzles and is really good at them.  He loves to sing songs in the car and in Primary.  He loves Primary and comes home telling me all about what he learned.  The cutest was "the holy ghost is NOT scary and he doesn't have a tummy."  He knows how to spell his name and recognizes about 22 of the 26 letters.  He writes fantastic T's and decent Y's and hasn't wanted to learn C or E.  Haha. 
He is a decent eater, not great not terrible.  Some nights he'll devour his dinner and some nights he doesn't want any of it.  His least favorite food is "sparagus" (asparagus)  and his favorite food is "oatmulk" (oatmeal).  He does NOT like any type of potatoes either.  He loves meats and pastas and most fruits.  He also loves pizza.  I actually don't think he eats that much, especially considering how big he is!  He weighs 37 pounds and is 43 inches tall.  I think he's average weight but he is really tall. 
He loves to watch cartoons, his favorites are Octonauts, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Little Pony, Doc McStuffins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He also loves to play make believe, he plays SO cute all by himself or with others.  He loves to build things out of blocks.  He also loves to make "forts" with everything we have in the office, here's a picture I took the other day when he piled everything on his "boat" then sat down at the art table to eat his yogurt.

 Sometimes he gets up before me and dresses himself, he rarely matches so I usually change him...

 He LOVES his brothers...

Most mornings he makes his own bed...

He loves to be cozy on the couch in the mornings while the twins get ready for school...

Tyce also has a stubborn side that doesn't come out very often but when it out!  One night he wouldn't sit up for prayers so Parker told him he would not read him a story.  For an hour he cried and cried asking daddy to read him a story.  I offered to read him one but he said NO he wanted daddy.  Sometimes when he gets mad at his brothers he screams a high pitched loud scream that, always, gets him sent to his room because mommy does NOT like it!  He is usually quick to apologize, wrapping his arms around my neck, saying sorry and telling me how much he loves me. 

Tyce is really fun to run errands with, especially now that he can buckle himself in and out!  He's so cute grocery shopping, sits in the cart and just talks my ear off.  Without fail everywhere I go I get at least one comment on how cute he is or how well behaved he is. 

Tyce's prayers are precious.  He loves to pray and often says all the meal prayers and the family prayer.  This is an example of his prayers: "Dear Heavenly Father, bless that we love mommy, daddy, Jack, Josh, Leah, and Sarah.  Specially we love Brody.  Specially I love my new bed.  Specially bless we love to watch tb (that's how he says tv).  Specially bless Jack and Josh don't toot during prayers (totally serious face while he says it too).  Specially we love daddy to wrestle us."  He always brings up things from forever ago then also things that happened that day.  Too cute, I love that he loves to pray. 

Cute things he says: "bemote" (remote) "fowler" (flower) "wed wobin" (red robin) "bashlight" (flashlight) "wetshirt" (sweatshirt) "mal-mart" (Wal-Mart)

I LOVE TYCE SO MUCH and feel so blessed he was sent to our family.  He is a special boy and I wish he would stop growing up so fast! 

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