Monday, November 4, 2013

End of Soccer Season

Soccer season ends with mixed emotions in the Morrill household.  Overall I prefer to be busy compared to sitting at home (wishing Parker was home) so I don't mind being the busy mom driving to and from practices all week.  But soccer wasn't my favorite sport this year, I don't know if it was the league or coaches or what.  Josh loved it.  Jackson liked it.  Tyce tolerated it. 

Here's Jackson and Josh's pictures.  With the exception of one kid (5 of them are not even in the picture) I really liked their team.  They were fun boys and had a lot of team spirit and unity.  They would all pile on each other after goals and would get really excited.  It didn't hurt that they were undefeated as well.  :) 

Here's Tyce's picture.  His team was cute but Tyce was just not interested in soccer, total waste of time and money. 
He finally scored his first goal in the last game of the season and he got a medal...he thought he was pretty cool...

After Jack and Josh's last game they had a team party at Glory Days where they got medals and undefeated trophies...

Now we enjoy a month break from sports then basketball starts in December!!!

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