Friday, August 11, 2017

Jackson and Josh's 11 Year Stats

Jackson and Josh had their 11 year check ups this week and all went well!  As weird as this sounds, these annual check ups are one of my most favorite things to do with the twins for two reasons.  Number one, they were born so early and so tiny and the doctors prepared us for the worst.  If they were to survive they would likely be blind, deaf, have physical disabilities, struggle academically, be small, be sick a lot, etc.  Every annual check up leaves me feeling beyond grateful for my twins' health.  They are healthy, strong, smart, PERFECT boys and how lucky I am that that is the case. 

Number two, it's a time when I see the closeness of Jackson and Josh.  They were giggling about how you could see their butts in the gowns, twirling around so their gowns spun out like a dress, and talking about how nervous they were for shots and Jackson says, "this is one time I am SO glad to be a twin because I like having Josh here with me for this."  It melted my heart because they very rarely even talk about being twins let alone express gratitude for each other.  I know they love each other but they're kinda in a stage where they won't hug or put their arms around each other or say I love you to each other which makes me sad but I do think it's pretty normal for 11 year old brothers.  But I see moments like this and I realize they really do have a special bond and love which is what this mama wants for her sons!!!!

Here are their stats for this year!  As expected, Jack is a giant and Josh is average!  But they are both 100% PERFECT in my eyes!  

Josh:  77 lbs (41%)
4'9" (55%)

Jackson: 87 lbs (65%)
5'1" (94%)

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