Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun with My Parents Part 2...

My parents left bright and early this morning, I'm missing them so much already. We had a great week with them and were sad to see them go. It was fun having them here around Christmas time because we were able to do lots of Christmas type stuff. Tuesday my parents picked the twins up from preschool and took them to Great Wolf Lodge overnight. It's a hotel with a big waterpark inside it. My dad got some cute pics but I'm having a hard time getting them off his camera so that post is to come later.

Thursday we took the boys to House of Bounce. Jackson and Josh had SO much fun, and could've easily played there all day. Tyce was too small for everything so he was kinda whiney and very tired. My mom got us a pass to go back 10 times so I think I'll get a sitter for Tyce next time.
Thursday night we went to the Bull Run Festival of Lights. First we drove through the park and looked at the light display then we stopped at the little carnival. Jack has been begging daddy to go on a ferris wheel for weeks and we were happy to see that they had one there! They had so much fun on the rides. It was quite cold but there was hardley anyone there. The ride operators gave them quite a few free rides because they were so cute. :)
Waiting for the ferris wheel...Daddy and Jack on the ferris wheel...Mommy and Josh on the ferris wheel (quite the sacrifice for me to go on with him because I HATE ferris wheels)...Jack and Josh owned the Dragon Wagon, haha...Grandpa took care of Tycee and made sure he stayed warm...Friday we got a babysitter for the kids and the adults went up to the Washington DC temple and looked at the lights, did sealings, and went out to dinner. It was a really nice night to spend time together away from the kids.

Saturday we took the boys on the VRE (Virginia Railway Express) train ride with Santa. It was an hour ride and Santa came to visit. They also had a college choir singing Christmas songs. It was fun, the boys loved it. They each got a conductor's hat...Saturday night we went to the Manassas Park city parade! Haha, it was kinda lame but the boys really enjoyed it...

Gosh I'm exhausted again just thinking about all we did! We also stayed up late every night talking, eating, and playing games. That's what Barracloughs do! And I love it! Thanks SO much mom and dad for a WONDERFUL week!!! The sad thing is? I have no visitors lined up next! I am HOPING Michelle and Tegan come out in March!? Come on people, come visit!!! :)

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Lindsay said...

spoiled boys. can't believe i won't see them on christmas! we should do webcam that day before we go over to owen's.