Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tyce is 16 Months!

I haven't posted about Tyce in a while and he just turned 16 months so I thought it would be a good time to do a Tyce update. He loves to talk and will try to say anything I say. His main words are mama, dada, poo poo (sorry Grandma Bybee), packpack, kitty, uh oh, wow, cheese, ball, banana, stuck, and roaring like a lion. He is a GREAT sleeper. He sleeps 7:30pm to about 8:00am and is so easy to put down. He also takes a good 2-3 hour nap during the day and, again, so easy to put down. I'm loving it because my twins were NEVER easy to put down. He is a terrible eater. Not only is he picky but he takes two bites then wants to get down and walk around, then come back for bites when he feels like it. Very annoying. He'd love to snack on string cheese and pretzels all day if I let him. He loves his tubs in the mornings with his brothers, but hates being dried off with a towel. He loves going to the gym playplace everyday. Every morning when I say it's time to leave for preschool Tyce goes and gets Jackson and Josh's backpacks and brings them to them. I think it's cute how he knows which one goes to which boy. He wakes up really happy from his naps and in the morning. He has turned into very much of a mommy's boy, which is frustrating. He does fine once I'm gone, but if I'm there...he's attached to me. Tyce gets very upset when he does not get his way, he pouts and throws fits which is hilarious. He loves to turn the TV on and off and to sneak markers and pens from my drawer, write on a wall, then bring it to me and say "UH OH." He loves to read and could probably read all day. He picks a book, then backs into your lap. Haha, it cracks me up. He loves and adores his older brothers. He loves playing with them and watching them play. He is a very moody baby. He goes days and weeks where he whines all day, literally. Then he goes a while where he's Mr. Happy. Those are my favorite days. :) Tyce loves to wave to people and get attention from them. At Walmart he waves to every single person he sees and his face lights up when someone responds back to him. He loves to wrestle with daddy and loves being chased around the house. He still adores Brody and loves to cover him up with his la la (white burp cloth). He thinks it's hilarious. Brody is such a tolerant cat. Well, I think that's about it. I love my Tycee, it is so fun watching him learn and develop. I think he's my last child so I'm really trying to enjoy every day with him as he grows up so fast!

I grabbed a couple of pics of him today...

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Lindsay said...

oh my gosh i miss him backing up onto my lap. and giggling when i chase him around the house. he is growing up TOOO fast. he could be my last baby nephew =(