Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun with My Parents!!!

So my parents have only been here 2 days and we already have tons of pics so I figured I'll do a post every couple of days. We have lots of fun stuff planned for the week so, be prepared! Lots of pics! I'm so happy to have them here and the boys are just loving them.

Cute Tyceroo... Grandma reading them their favorite books that she brought from her house...
We decorated the Christmas tree Sunday night...Haha, anyone that knows me knows that Josh is DEFINITELY a mommy's boy :)Cute Jack...They have loved playing Nemo Go Fish with grandma and grandpa, it is such a cute game and brings back so many memories of playing it with my niece Abbi when she was younger, it made me miss her so much!!!My parents brought lots of presents for everyone so they got to put them under the tree...Tyce got the hang of it pretty fast...These are the boxes that my parents brought the presents in on the airplane, they made it into a train and had SO much fun! Jackson kept saying, "ON THE BOARD" instead of all aboard, haha. They also watched Polar Express from their boxes.The finished product...Cute guys..Today we went and saw Santa at the mall. Josh was the biggest wuss ever. Jackson was fine. Tyce was fine as long as he sat on my lap. Jack and Josh both asked for a big orange T-Rex!

Tomorrow my parents leave for Williamsburg with the twins to take them to Great Wolf Lodge for 2 days. They'll have so much fun! My wonderful friend Tracy is watching Tyce on Wednesday and Parker took the day off so we're gonna spend the day doing our Christmas shopping and enjoy some time together! Yay! More to come...


Lindsay said...

i wish i could be there!

ps. mom told me about what jackson said last night at ihop. HAHAHAHA.

Kris Westover said...

Everything looks like so much fun.

Don't forget to come home, B&J

Merry Christmas!