Monday, March 21, 2011

Week With Grandma and Grandpa Barraclough!

Well I decided to do a post now because when I get home I will have tons more pics so here's post #1! We flew into Oregon on Wednesday night. The kids were actually very good on the airplane, thank heaven! Jackson and Josh are staying with my parents and Tyce and I are staying with my grandparents. I will do a separate post with Tyce and I at my grandparents later. My niece, Olivia, who is almost 7 also came from Utah to stay with my parents for the week. The three of them have had SO much fun together!

They've really enjoyed doing a bead project. Jackson walked up to grandma telling her "a bead walked up my nose." Haha, luckily he could blow it out so she didn't have to take him into the doctor!
They had fun at the carousel and the park...Frosting St. Patrick Day cookies...The plan was for the twins to sleep downstairs and Livi to sleep upstairs but they ended up all wanting to sleep with Livi. It looks crowded but they are sure loving it!They went swimming...Loving grandma's big jacuzzi...Petting Baxter (unfortunately my favorite cat, Mocha, died a week ago)...Roasting marshmallows inside because it was raining outside...Jackson wouldn't eat a smore because it's so sticky but Joshy had no problem!They also went to a movie and each picked out a treat. Josh picked out Nerds and ended up spilling them all over the car, sorry dad!Then Tyce and I met up with them at Nelson Park...Best of friends, ready for church...Strawberry shortcake time!I think Josh had some cake with his whipped cream...My mom wouldn't take a pic with them, party pooper...

As you can tell, they've been thoroughly spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. They have loved this time with Livi and I'm so grateful for my parents for getting them together. One thing we hate about living out east is that our boys don't get time with cousins! I hope they'll always remember this fun week!

So Tyce and I are going back to Virginia and the twins are going to Utah to spend the week with Grandma and Grandpa Morrill and the weekend with Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Jason! I know they'll have tons of fun there but we'll miss them!

Posts to come: Tyce and I at my grandparents, the twins with Grandma and Grandpa Morrill, and the twins with Auntie Lindsay! :)

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Lindsay said...

dang i wish i was there! they get so spoiled by mom.