Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Slurpees and Good Friends

Today was free slurpee day at 7-11 so we headed over there after the gym. The kids were so excited. I love my friend Kimberly and her two kids Jake and Brianna. Jake and Tyce are only 7 months apart and Brianna and the twins are only 1 month apart. They all play so cute together and it's so nice having a friend to spend my days with. We go to the gym together, then off to the pool, park, mall, whatever. They leave this week for Wisconsin for a month and we will miss them! Luckily we will be gone for two of those weeks.

Here's the clan sitting on the curb at 7-11 enjoying their slurpees... Josh, Brianna, and Jackson...

We are counting down the days until my dad comes on Friday and will take the boys to Oregon on Saturday! I am so going to miss them but they are so excited and think they are so cool because they get to ride on the airplane with just Grandpa Barraclough and no mommy or daddy. Soon enough we'll be joining them! Can't wait to see everyone!!!

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Kris Westover said...

Such beautiful children -- and so nice to have friends with whom to share parenting moments. We are certainly grateful for your parents as our friends. Today was a profound day and I wish everyone could have been there, but that was impossible. If you ever have a minute, take a peek at Brian's wife's blog about life in NYC after coming directly from her Idaho farm her whole life:
I know it will be a wonderful visit for the twins with Gramma and Grampa this week.