Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jackson and Josh Go To Oregon!

My dad came out here on Friday to get the boys to bring them to Oregon for the week! They have been looking forward to this for a long time. Luckily we got to spend some time with them before they all left this afternoon.

Yesterday we went to lunch at Guapo's, then headed to Signal Bay for a while...Then we decided to head over to our neighborhood pool for some more swimming!

My dad was blowing water at Tyce through the noodle and he was laughing so hard...Then we came home, had some lasagna for dinner, got jammies on, and did some fireworks that Parker had bought that we hadn't used...Daddy and cowboy Tyce doing a sparkler...Joshy with his sparkler...Jack with his sparkler..Today we went to the gym then came home and got packed up. I dropped them off at the airport and they were so dang excited and cute. Suddenly they seemed so grown up. I know they won't miss me much because they will be having so much fun with grandma and grandpa but they were still hugging me and Jack walked away yelling, I LOVE YOU MOMMY! I held in my tears, and I'm proud of myself. Thanks mom and dad for taking them! Enjoy my boys!When I came home from the airport I guess Tyce was antsy to go somewhere (he woke up from his nap asking to go see pampa!) so him and Parker headed off to buy a new drill. I guess since it's 5pm I better get showered since we're going out with friends to dinner tonight! It will be a low key week with just Tyce at home but I'm looking forward to it. Friday morning we leave to go to Utah! We're spending a week with Parker's fam then we're renting a car and driving to Oregon to spend a week with my fam! Can't wait!!!

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Lindsay said...

oh my gosh dad look so tired. poor guy. those twins are gonna be spoiled the next week!