Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun in Oregon

My mom has texted me some cute pics of the boys so I thought I'd post them on here. It sounds like they are having tons of fun and being totally spoiled. That's what grandparents are for right?!

Here they are at my dad's office, me and my sisters used to play with the same things...They went on a hike at Silver Creek Falls...They had a picnic lunch there and Josh THOROUGHLY enjoyed his cheetos...Hiking with Grandpa...They thought this cave was really cool...They got to go rock climbing at the Croc Center. Last year neither of them would do it, but this time they were brave! My mom said they had lots of determination and did great!Joshy the rock climber...Cute Jackson and Grandpa...Cute Joshy...
I miss my boys but it is sure nice having just one kid at home! Tyce is loving all the attention he gets too! In two days we'll be in Utah! YAY!!!

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Chelsea said...

UTAH!? Really!? What for? Your family is darling! Hope all is well!