Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Monday night we went to my friend Kimberly's house for a Halloween party and trick or treating. The boys have been very much looking forward to this day!

Here they are before we left... Waiting at the train station to pick up daddy...

BFFs Tyce and Jake...Why was Josh pouting? Heck if I know! He was pretty grumpy trick or treating...The whole clan...Tyce got the hang of it real fast, he'd say "trick or treat, happy halloween, thank you!" at every door...Mommy and her boys...Our attempt to get a cute pic in front of the giant pumpkin...Tyce got a little tired towards the end and his pumpkin was pretty heavy...My kids totally wussed out about halfway through the neighborhood so we went back to Kimberly's house and handed out candy, which Jack loved...Josh, Brianna, and Jack...Kimberly and I...

I'm very glad that the boys didn't trick or treat any longer because, as is, we have SO much candy! And I'm at home with it all day! Ah tis the season right? We had a fun night, thanks for having us Kimberly!!!

In other news, MY PARENTS COME IN A WEEK!!! We're all so excited to see them!!!

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