Monday, November 21, 2011

Josh and Sarah

Between the twins, Jackson is definitely the more sweet and sensitive one. However, Josh really seems to have a soft spot for Sarah. Ever since she was a baby he was really interested in her. He is always bringing her toys, talking to her in a cute voice, holding her hand, feeding her, cuddling her, entertaining her, etc. He is always very concerned for Sarah if Leah or Tyce takes away her toys. I love watching this side of Josh, it melts my heart.

On Sunday we took Sarah home after church to nap at our house while David and Traci went to church meetings. Josh sat right by Sarah the whole time she ate, feeding her and making her laugh. Sarah loves Josh too (although you can't tell from this picture). She always kicks her legs and waves when she sees Josh. So precious!!! Nothing else too exciting going on in the Morrill household. Lots of sickness, everyone has been sick except Parker (knock on wood). He took two days off last week to take care of Tyce and I. Friday night we had family movie night...

Tyce was SO cute during the movie, which surprised me that he could sit through a whole non cartoon movie! I think he just loved eating skittles and cuddling with his daddy.

We are looking forward to going to Utah in a month to see our families!!!

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