Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Away

Friday night we went to dinner with our friends Troy and Denise to celebrate Parker's birthday. We went to a Japanese restaurant and the food was great as was the company. Of course they had to sing to Parker, but at least he got a free dessert out of it!

After dinner I surprised Parker and took him to a hotel instead of home! He was really excited to have a night to get away from everything. We stayed at the Hyatt in Fairfax and had a great time hot tubbing, watching football, relaxing, talking, etc. :) In the morning we slept in, got ready, went to a yummy breakfast, then headed home. It was a much needed night for both of us!

Where were my kids? Wonderful Traci took them overnight! It was their first sleepover at someone other than family's house. Although, I think Traci is very much like an aunt to them. Sounds like they had tons of fun. The twins didn't miss me at all, but Traci said when it was bedtime Tyce was a little sad asking for me. :( Here are some pics she sent me...

Running around outside...They made pizza...Getting ready to watch a movie! Her husband brought home a projector so they got to watch it on the wall which the boys thought was SO cool...Eating...Getting ready to go outside...
Walkin in the rain...Getting ready for bed...

The twins are still talking about the fun night they had with Traci and asking when they get to go back. I am so grateful for such a good friend who so willingly took my kids so Parker and I could get away. Thanks Traci for taking such good care of my boys!!

Next post: Halloween!!!

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