Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jackson Blayne

A couple nights ago Jackson texted me from Parker's phone and this is what it said:
hello mommy. you are the best mom ever. I love you mommy. you are funny. you're the best mom I have ever met. you make the yummiest dinners ever. you make my favorite dinner. like chicken enchiladas. you give us the best lunches ever. I love your hugs and kisses. from Jackson.
I absolutely melted when I read that because it was so thoughtful!  It's always rewarding as a mom to hear that your kids DO realize the things you do for them, like cooking them dinner and making them lunches to take to school.  He is such a sweetheart!
A couple weeks ago Jackson and I were both sick so we each had a walkie talkie to get a hold of each other when we were on different levels and didn't want to yell.  It was so precious because I would get these random "I love you mommy" calls from Jack, too sweet. 
One day when I brought him home from school because he was sick I was tucking him into bed to rest and he started crying big huge sad tears.  I asked him what was the matter?  He told me "every morning when I wake up I worry that I am going to get sick and die mommy."  Oh it broke my heart that my little 6 year old was laying in bed worrying about dying!  I cuddled him and told him that he will be very very old before he dies, and I truly hope that is the case. 
Another thing I wanted to document, a couple weeks ago I picked the boys up from the bus stop and when I asked Jack how school was he got a very worried look on his face.  I asked him what happened?  He said "on the way to the bus after school Mason and I got carried away playing and I accidentally hit him in the face.  Mrs. Johnson told me she will deal with me tomorrow."  His face was complete despair and remorse and my heart melted for him, he felt so bad.  I think he was sad in part because he hurt his friend and in large part because he adores his teacher and has never gotten in trouble at school before.  He then decided to make Mason an apology card all on his own...
It says, "I am sorry I hit you Mason on the way to the bus.  You are the best friend ever.  Can you forgive me.  You are so nice to me.  Can we still be friends." 

Then he taped a dollar from his piggy bank inside for Mason.  TOO SWEET!!  Needless to say, I did not feel the need to punish him for what he did as it was very evident he felt extremely guilty.

A couple days later I went to their class and I saw Mason and asked him if he liked Jackson's card.  Mason said, "oh yes I loved it but I had already forgiven him right after it happened!"  Haha, so cute. 

Jackson is definitely a sensitive boy.  Often times he is difficult because he is OVER sensitive but often times he melts my heart because he is sensitive to the needs of others more than most boys his age. 


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