Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jackson the Runner

Two weeks ago I  was getting ready to go on my Saturday morning run and Jackson asked if he could go with me.  I told him he could but he had to run three miles without stopping and had to keep up.  Well, HE DID!  I was so surprised he could run so far and there were two big hills.  He was SO fun to run with, he talked the entire time and never complained.  We did three sprints during our run and he legitimately beat me!  I'm wondering if running could be his thing! 
Here we are after our run...

This morning Josh asked if he could go with me so Parker took Jackson.  I drove by and snapped some pictures because, seriously, how cute are Parker and Jackson running together??

Josh did well running with me this morning but he was slower and complained a lot more.  It made me realize how exceptional Jackson is.  Jackson asked if he could be on a track team so that's something I will look into.  In the meantime, I'm super excited to have a running partner!  And never mind that a six year old can keep up with me  :)  Oh, and of course Tyce wanted to go for a run also so Parker took him to the train station and back and he did pretty good too!  I love this stage of our life when our kids are not so young that we can't do fun things with them but not so old that they are too busy for us.  I WANT TO FREEZE TIME!!! 

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