Sunday, July 7, 2013

Things I Want to Remember

When the boys say something funny or cute I frequently text it to my parents and sister and/or post it on Facebook.  It occurred to me I need to have them in my blog book so I can look back years from now and get a good laugh.  I went through Facebook and copied each one I wanted to keep...enjoy!!! 

Jackson: "mommy all my friends that are boys only talk about 'cool' things and sometimes I want to talk about 'cute' things like baby deer, is that ok?"  June 2013

Tonight while I was tucking Tyce in for bed:
Me: "Goodnight Tyce, I love you with all my heart."
Tyce: "Will your heart die?"
Me: "Oh honey, someday in a long long time yes I will die."
Tyce: (wraps his arms around my neck for a long time then says) "I will miss you when you die, I don't ever want you to die mommy I will miss you too much."  June 2013

Tyce (noticing Grandpa Barraclough's chest hair): "Grandpa here is all the hair you lost off your head!"  June 2013

Me: "What'd you guys learn in school today?"

Tyce: "Mommy I'm drawing a picture of you and daddy kissing because I ALWAYS see you kissing each other and that's ok to do because its adorable and precious."  April 2013

Tyce: "MOMMY can you wipe my bum?"
Me: "Why can't you do it?" (he always wipes his own bum)
Tyce: "Because it's SOOO stinky in here I'm plugging my nose and don't have any hands!" 

April 2013

Last night I caught the twins out of their beds after I tucked them in (BIG no no in our house) so the punishment is one of them has to sleep in my room in the dark. I grabbed Jack and, knowing his brother is scared of the dark, Josh said "no mommy, take me instead."  March 2013

Jackson's text to me tonight:
"hello mommy. you are the best mom ever. I love you mommy. you are funny. you're the best mom I have ever met. you make the yummiest dinners ever. you make my favorite dinner. like chicken enchiladas. you give us the best lunches ever. I love your hugs and kisses. from Jackson." 

February 2013

Jackson: "mommy you know why I like being a twin? Then when we're making a fort there's always someone to hold the other corner...and he always knows which corner to hold!"  January 2013

Jack's dinner prayer: "Bless Josh not to write stupid on my coloring book. Bless Tyce and me not to fight the tub. Bless Josh to close his eyes for prayer. Bless Josh not to plug his ears while I pray. Bless Josh and me not to fight over who is funnier to Tyce. Name of Jesus Christ amen."  November 2012

Jackson: "Mommy I love you, but I love daddy a little more. But don't worry, Josh loves you a little more so its all fair."  August 2012

When the twins landed in Oregon at the Portland airport Air Force One was out one of their windows and the decked out Oregon Ducks plane was out the other window. Can you guess which one they were more interested in? I asked Jackson why he thought the Duck plane was cooler and he said.."well mommy, ducks are just more cool than President Obama."  July 2012

Jackson: "Mommy, Izek at school says 'I'm sexy and I know it,' what does sexy mean?" Me: " means you're pretty." Jackson: "Oh, well then mommy you are sexy!"  May 2012

Josh came home early from school today sick. When Jackson came home I asked him if he missed Josh, "nope, I was having too much fun." It made me sad. Then Jack was showing me all his school papers and he pulls out some blank paper, "this is for Joshy, I thought he'd be sad he didn't get to color at school so here ya go."  November 2011

Jackson's morning prayer this morning: "please bless me and Joshy to find kids who have no one to play with them so we can play with them. And please bless us to show the bad kids how to be good."  October 2011

As soon as their alarm goes off Jackson jumps out of bed ready to get dressed. Josh hides under the covers and doesn't want to get up. Jackson goes, "I like to get up early because I love to learn new things at school!" Josh goes, "I don't like to get up before the sun gets up."  September 2011

Josh: "Mommy for your birthday I'm going to make you a cake with a big heart on it because I love you so much and angels on it because you're pretty as an angel."  October 2011

Josh: "Mommy, if we got a car that FLIES then we would get places a lot faster! Do you have monies for one of those?"  October 2010

Jackson: "Mommy, why does Daddy have to go to work every day?" Me: "Because he makes money for us to live and buy things." Jackson: "Well, I have monies in my piggy bank, lots of monies, so he can just come back home."  August 2010

Jackson: "Joshy you can hold it, just pinch it in your bum really hard." (Jackson was on the potty and Josh had to go really bad and was waiting).  November 2009

Last night we were playing Candyland as a family and Josh was going WAY more spaces than the cards he was drawing so Parker told him he was cheating. Josh picks up the directions, pretends to read them, and says "this says I am not cheating."  November 2009
Josh: "Mommy, why do you wear a bra?" "Because I'm a girl." "Can I be a girl tomorrow and wear one?"  November 2009


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Riddle Girl said...

It is so good that you have those written down. I really regret not having done that with my girls. Those will be fun to read in the blog books for years to come!