Monday, August 5, 2013

Utah Week 4: Trip Down Memory Lane in Ogden

Sunday night and Monday Parker and I spent in Ogden, Utah where we lived for three years when we were first married!  It was so fun to reminisce about the "good ol days" before kids, law school debt, and real life.  A lot of Ogden was different but a lot was still the same and it brought back so many memories of our life back then.
We went to breakfast at our favorite place, Jeremiah's...
Our apartment, #90, looks exactly the same as ten years ago! 
Ah Millcreek Manor, such memories...
We went to visit Weber State, where we both graduated from and where Parker played football.  We headed over to the stadium and met the new head coach and Parker ran into some former players he knew.  It was fun to see him on the field again  :)  Sexy quarterback turned attorney  :) 
It was a fun day that went by way too fast, I loved being with Parker there and remembering the beginning of our lives together.  I LOVE YOU BABE!!

Next post: More fun in Neola!

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