Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

Ah, I'm 30!!!  Yesterday was a fun day, Parker totally pulled off a surprise party for me!
Monday afternoon Parker called me to inform me that he had to go to Los Angeles for work and would be gone for my birthday.  I was super disappointed but knew that it wasn't his fault and was relieved that I would still have my parents here with me.  The morning of my birthday Parker left at 5am for the "airport" (complete with packed suitcases and a hanging garment bag).  I got up and went to the gym, came home and got ready, then my parents, the boys, and I went school clothes shopping and out to dinner.  When we came home from dinner I walked up the stairs and was completely surprised to see some of my friends there yelling SURPRISE!  My very first thought was, oh Parker planned a party but then had to go to LA!  Then I looked over on the couch and there he was!

He had totally made up the going to LA story and had planned me a little surprise party!  I was SO surprised and felt so loved.  I can't believe he pulled it off, he is a terrible liar and I can always read him.  He definitely couldn't have pulled it off without the help of Traci and my parents.  It was a super fun night and I appreciated my friends that came.

After everyone left I opened my presents, I got new running gear and See's Candies...haha, so symbolic of me!  I run, so I can eat...

I didn't think turning 30 would affect me like it did, I've been super grumpy and just not happy.  The party definitely cheered me up and now I've decided just to embrace it and change what is making me unhappy so I can be happy.  :)

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Mikaela said...

Wow! Way to go Parker! I can't believe your parents were able to keep the secret too! I guess I forgive you for not calling me back. :o)