Monday, December 23, 2013

Early Christmas Present

The fun times just keep rolling over here at the Morrill household, this has been a fun month!
Jackson and Josh had their "holiday" program at school.  They sang more Christmas songs than last year and I really enjoyed it.  Not the best pictures but it's all I got with a squirmy Tyce on my lap who was very very very grumpy that Jack and Josh got to go to school Friday but he didn't (his preschool got out Thursday).

Cougar Elementary has a school post office where students can mail each other letters.  I thought it was too cute that Josh sent Jackson a letter, and I love what he wrote.  He also has beautiful handwriting!!!
 Tyce's good friend Jakey turned five and we all had fun at his party...
 Saturday I took my boys and our neighbor Adam to see Frozen 3D...
 Because Parker, Matt, and Lori were at home setting THIS baby up!!!

About two months ago my neighbor Lori and I decided to go in together and buy our boys a playset for Christmas.  It wouldn't fit in her backyard because she has a deck so we put it in ours, but it's for both families. We got a great deal on one we found on Craigslist ($200 total so only $100 each!) and have been storing it at our wonderful friend's house until closer to Christmas.  Sounds like the setup went easier than expected and the boys were SO surprised and SO excited!  I have no doubt they will spend hours and hours and hours on that thing!

In other news, Josh lost his second top tooth...
The boys have been counting down the days until Christmas since the beginning of the month and it is finally almost here!!  We are super excited for Christmas and also for our CRUISE!!! 

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