Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cute Things They Say

The other day Parker and I went through my Facebook page starting from when I joined in 2009 and I was reminded of some cute things the boys have said throughout the years so I decided to post them on here so I'd have them for my blog book: 

"Joshy you can hold it, just pinch it in your bum really hard." (Jackson was on the potty and Josh had to go really bad and was waiting).  November 2009

"Mommy, if we got a car that FLIES then we would get places a lot faster! Do you have monies for one of those?" ~Josh  October 2010

Jackson: "Mommy, why does Daddy have to go to work every day?" Me: "Because he makes money for us to live and buy things." Jackson: "Well, I have monies in my piggy bank, lots of monies, so he can just come back home." August 2010

"Mommy, I can't wait to marry a girl so I can dress her up like a princess!" ~Jackson  March 2010

 "Joshy, will you hold Tyce still so I can color on him?" ~ Jackson  March 2010

 Me: "Do you guys want tacos or spaghetti tonight for dinner?" Josh: "Chocolate please."  February 2010

"Mommy, I love Tyce SO much that I want you to have ANOTHER Tyce!" ~Jackson   February 2010

"Mommy, why do you wear a bra?" "Because I'm a girl." "Can I be a girl tomorrow and wear one?"   November 2009

So I gave the boys each $15 to take to their Holiday Gift Shop at school. Jack was supposed to get something for Parker and Josh was supposed to get something for me. It was to be a lesson in economics and giving. What does Josh come home with? One small present for me and he bought FOUR FOR HIMSELF! Hahahaha! Sweet Jack picked out three perfect things for Parker and nothing for himself. So indicative of their personalities... December 2011

While in the tub the boys managed to soak my bathroom floor. I asked who did it, Tyce pointed to the twins and the twins pointed to Tyce. I said, "ok I'll just write Santa a letter tell him you've been naughty." Jack said, "fine, he'll just write you a letter back saying it was Tyce not us!"  December 2011

Josh came home early from school today sick. When Jackson came home I asked him if he missed Josh, "nope, I was having too much fun." It made me sad. Then Jack was showing me all his school papers and he pulls out some blank paper, "this is for Joshy, I thought he'd be sad he didn't get to color at school so here ya go." November 2011

Jackson's morning prayer this morning: "please bless me and Joshy to find kids who have no one to play with them so we can play with them. And please bless us to show the bad kids how to be good."   October 2011

"Mommy this girl at school asked if she could be my friend today but she talks a lot and gets in trouble a lot. I told her if she can NOT talk for 3 weeks, and get good again, then I will be her friend."  ~Josh   September 2011

This morning after they had their healthy breakfast the twins wanted some Resees Puff cereal (SO gross but I caved and bought it yesterday). Josh took a couple bites and Jack said "Josh was there a magical surprise in every bite?" Josh said "no." Jack said, "dang it, I guess it just happens on TV!"   August 2011

"Mommy for your birthday I'm going to make you a cake with a big heart on it because I love you so much and angels on it because you're pretty as an angel."   ~Josh  August 2011

Jack's dinner prayer: "Bless Josh not to write stupid on my coloring book. Bless Tyce and me not to fight in the tub. Bless Josh to close his eyes for prayer. Bless Josh not to plug his ears while I pray. Bless Josh and me not to fight over who is funnier to Tyce. Name of Jesus Christ amen."  November 2012

Jackson: "Mommy I love you, but I love daddy a little more. But don't worry, Josh loves you a little more so its all fair."  ~Jackson   August 2012

When the twins landed in Oregon at the Portland airport Air Force One was out one of their windows and the decked out Oregon Ducks plane was out the other window. Can you guess which one they were more interested in? I asked Jackson why he thought the Duck plane was cooler and he said.."well mommy, ducks are just more cool than President Obama."   July 2012

Jackson: "Mommy, Izek at school says 'I'm sexy and I know it,' what does sexy mean?" Me: " means you're pretty." Jackson: "Oh, well then mommy you are sexy!"   May 2012

Jackson: "mommy how much do you weigh?" I tell him. He says, "wow, THAT'S why the car goes down so far to the ground when you get in it!"   December 2014

So proud of my Tyce today...he woke up asking if he could pick out his own shirt and was dead set on wearing a purple Chuck E Cheese shirt. I was annoyed but let him wear it. He came home from school today to tell me "Mommy, do you wanna know why I wanted to wear a purple shirt? Cuz kids in my class make fun of Joshua B. for wearing a pink shirt and he cried so I thought if I wore a purple shirt today they would make fun of ME and not poor Josh B. BUT...they didn't make fun of me cuz, well, I guess everyone loves Chuck E Cheese!"   October 2014

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