Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day in Richmond

Friday morning we drove down to Richmond to meet up with my friend Daisha. We went to Marymont Park and looked at animals and enjoyed a picnic lunch. It was quite hilly but I figured if an 8 month pregnant Daisha could do it, so could I! The kids all had lots of fun!

Daisha's son Dominic, Josh, and Jackson... The whole clan...

The kids were all hungry about 20 minutes after we got there so we found a grassy area and had a picnic!Jack wanted his picture taken on this rock that he thought looked like a couch...It was so gorgeous and green there! Makes me NOT miss brown Utah!I wish Josh would've cooperated so we could've gotten a cute pic...

After we were done there we headed over to Daisha's to let the kids play so we could chat. It was fun talking to her, we've been friends since kindergarten and it's so weird we're both out here now. She is moving back to Salem soon though so I'm glad we got to spend some time together. Thanks for a fun day Daisha!

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