Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week with Grandma and Tegan Part 2

Ok so here are some more pics from the week... We went to Dulles Town Center and saw the Easter Bunny...Rode the carousel...Rode the train...Chillin at Nordstroms while they wait to get a balloon...Grandma got them each a new pair of jeans and a new t shirt (that they picked out)...Then we went to Akasaka for dinner. The boys loved watching the chef..Then we came home and grandma helped them make GAK! Obviously, they loved it...Grandma playing dinosaurs with them...

Ah, putting up these pictures makes me miss them all over again. It was a really fun week and I can't wait till they come back! Hopefully it will be before next tax season :) A lot of people were surprised I wanted my mother in law to even stay LONGER, but Michelle is just really fun to be around. She's so helpful, loving, and thoughtful. Tegan is an awesome aunt too, she's everything a kid could want in an aunt! I love you both so much!!!

Now I begin the countdown till our next parents are coming end of May for the twins' preschool graduation! Yay!!!

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